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How Social Media Posts Can Affect Your Workers Comp Settlement

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The rise of social media has lead many people to become more comfortable sharing details of their personal life online. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlet, users rarely second guess posting information on a work-related event. There is little regard for the consequences of putting their private matters for the public to see on social media. However, if you are involved in a workers comp settlement in Orlando, social media posts can become a huge liability. Here at Payer Law, we have the workers compensation attorney Orlando residents trust to handle their claim. We can help you protect your rights. We will help you understand the ways social media may be used against you during a workers comp claim.

Will Social Media Hurt or Help Your Claim?

Employers and insurance attorneys will review all social media accounts to look for evidence to deny your settlement. They will look for photos or posts that dispute your claim or conflict with your timeline of events. There are several cases where claims have been denied because posts indicated that an allegedly disabled or injured victim was engaging in activities they shouldn’t be able to perform. For example, if you claim you were injured and post a photo at the gym working out the next day, they will often use it against you.

In some cases, social media may help your claim. You may be able to use your posts to verify details, confirm injury or disability, and support the timeline of events. Payer Law is the workers compensation attorney Orlando uses to guide them in this process to find a way to use social media to your advantage.

Is it Legal to Use Social Media in a Workers Comp Settlement?

Many people assume that since social media is personal, it may not be used as admissible evidence for any legal proceedings, including workers comp cases. However, the exact opposite is true. In actuality, many lawyers consider social media to be a primary source of information. The relevance of evidence submitted may be questioned, but social media is regarded as a legally viable source. It is even legal for the court to use social media posts to examine a person’s character, even if the posts were made in the past.

Many social media users assume as long as they set their profiles to private it will protect them from their social media being used against them. However, because social media posts technically, and in the eyes of the law, belong to the social media outlet and not the user, posts may be used regardless of account settings.

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If your social media has caused you to be denied for a workers’ compensation settlement, find a workers compensation attorney Orlando has depended on to handle their claims. Let the competent attorneys at Payer Law here in Orlando help you navigate the complex world of social media in a digital age. We want to get you the workers comp settlement you deserve now. Call us today.

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