Settling a personal injury claim can be a significant milestone. It puts financial compensation on the horizon and helps you avoid the stress and uncertainty of trial. But if you are about to settle your claim, you may wonder how long it takes to get a personal injury settlement check in Florida. The duration of receiving a settlement check can vary significantly based on several factors.

What Is a Personal Injury Settlement?

A personal injury settlement is an agreement between you and the person responsible for your accident or their insurance company. The agreement resolves your personal injury claim without needing a trial in exchange for monetary compensation. This is often delivered in the form of a settlement check. Settlements often resolve many personal injury cases, such as car accidents, slip and fall accidents, or medical malpractice cases.

The Settlement Timeline in Orlando, Florida

Less than 5 percent of personal injury cases go to trial. However, the time it takes to reach a settlement can vary from months to years. A personal injury attorney can help you understand what timeline may be realistic for your case. Generally, there are three main stages:

Stage 1: Initial Investigation and Treatment

This stage involved investigating your accident, undergoing medical treatment, and gathering your medical records. The length of this stage will depend on the severity of your injuries and the complexity of the investigation. You want to avoid settling claims before your injuries and damages are known.

Stage 2: Negotiation

Insurers may make an initial offer to resolve your claim. It is important to know the value of your damages and negotiate if the initial offer will not fully compensate you. A personal injury lawyer can lead negotiations on your behalf.

Stage 3: Settlement

If you accept an initial offer or reach an agreement through negotiation, you will likely be asked to sign a settlement agreement. This will waive your right to sue or pursue the claim further in exchange for compensation. Once all parties sign an agreement, a settlement check will be delivered.

A personal injury attorney can explain the timeline you may expect in your case. 

Factors Influencing How Long It Takes to Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check in Orlando, FL

Many factors can influence the time it takes to receive a settlement check in Florida or whether your case will settle, including the following: 

  • Complexity of Your Case: Simple cases with clear liability and minimal injuries may settle quickly. However, more complex cases involving severe injuries or multiple parties can take longer to resolve.
  • Extent of Your Injuries: The severity of the injuries impacts the settlement timeline. Injuries that require long-term treatment may delay settlement. This is because you will want to understand the full extent of the medical implications and costs for accepting final compensation in case you need more later.
  • Insurance Procedures: Each insurance company has its own process for handling claims. Some insurers are quicker to settle, while others may take longer. This can be influenced by the adjuster involved and the scope of their investigation. It may also take an insurer several weeks to draft and send you a settlement agreement and then process a settlement check.
  • Medical Liens and Debts: Medical liens and debts must also be resolved before the settlement check is issued. Sometimes, these liens can be negotiated to lower rates, but this takes time. Negotiating and paying off liens can add time to the settlement process.

An Orlando personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case and weigh several factors influencing how long it will take to get a personal injury settlement check. 

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Throughout the Settlement Process

Some personal injury cases in Orlando, Florida, settle within a few months, while others can take years. The complexity of your case and the severity of your injuries will play a major role in the timeline. You should consult with a personal injury lawyer to understand the specifics of your case and expectations for settlement. They can also assess whether a settlement offer will adequately cover your damages and expenses.

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