When considering legal support after an unfortunate accident or injury in Orlando, most people worry about the affordability of hiring a personal injury lawyer. Naturally, you might be contemplating whether the level of compensation you could gain will measure up to what it may cost to obtain legal help. 

Given this concern – combined with possible medical bills and time off work – it’s crucial to take some time to understand exactly how much it can cost to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Most Personal Injury Lawyers Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

A defining attribute of personal injury lawyers is that they generally work on a contingency fee basis. Unlike the hourly or flat-rate legal fees you might encounter in other areas of law, a contingency fee means there are typically no upfront charges or out-of-pocket expenses for clients. Instead, your lawyer will take a percentage of your verdict or settlement if your case is successful. Typically, if your lawyer does not win or settle your case, you don’t owe any attorney fees.

Percentage Personal Injury Lawyers Take as Their Fees

Contingency fees for personal injury cases typically range from 33% to 40% of the awarded compensation or settlement amount. The specific percentage will be defined in your retainer agreement with your attorney.

The complexity of a case or when it’s settled can also influence this rate. For less complex cases resolved before litigation is even initiated, attorneys often operate on the lower end of this percentage range. However, more intricate matters that require proceeding to court will likely see a higher percentage.

Other Expenses You Need to Be Aware of

Beyond attorney’s fees, there are also other case expenses involved that you need to account for in personal injury proceedings. 

These expenses often include the following:

  • Court Fees: Personal injury cases may require filing fees or service fees associated with court procedures.
  • Medical Records: When building a strong case for you, your attorney will have to acquire relevant medical records as evidence for your case, which often incur charges from the healthcare providers.
  • Investigation Costs and Expert Witness Fees: Your attorney might need to hire independent investigators or medical and industry experts to prepare your case, help prove fault, validate physical damages, or establish the long-term impact of injuries. These professionals charge for their services, and this usually isn’t included in the lawyer’s contingency fee.

Attorneys will typically cover the listed costs upfront and then deduct them from the final settlement amount – meaning you won’t be charged these fees out-of-pocket. 

However, depending on the agreement you’ve made with your attorney, you could be responsible for these expenses even if your case isn’t successful. In other cases, the lawyer takes on these costs regardless of the outcome of the case. This is something you should discuss before signing any agreement so you aren’t surprised later on.

Benefits of the Contingency Fee Basis

The contingency fee model offers several distinct benefits that enhance the client-attorney relationship and remove barriers to justice.

One of the most significant advantages is providing access to expert legal services regardless of personal finances. You won’t be deterred by steep upfront costs or hourly fees, enabling anyone with a viable claim the opportunity to work with an experienced professional.

No Financial Risk

This no-win-no-fee structure also means there’s very little financial risk on your part. If you don’t win your case or secure a settlement, attorney’s fees are not owed. 

Aligned Interests

The contingency fee arrangement naturally aligns your interests with those of your lawyer. Because the lawyer’s payment is contingent on winning or securing a settlement, there’s an inherent motivation for diligent representation to secure the best possible outcome for you as their client.


Transparency is another key benefit of the contingency fee system. The agreement you sign should detail the percentage that your lawyer will take from any settlement or judgment. This allows you to have a firm understanding upfront of what your legal representation will cost. It eliminates guesswork and ensures clarity between the client and the attorney.

Hiring an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Secure More Compensation

With these substantial benefits, the contingency fee structure offers a fair and accommodating option that eases seeking legal recourse after an injury. This provides peace of mind that your attorney is truly invested in securing justice and compensation. 

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, don’t let financial concerns hold you back from securing excellent legal representation. 

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