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Unexpected Causes Of Florida Car Crashes


Car crashes are caused by a number of common hazards, including distraction, intoxication, and reckless driving. But there are some crashes that no one expects, and these “freak accidents” are just as capable of causing serious injuries. Although they might not be as common, these seemingly rare accidents have been occurring at a strangely frequent pace in Florida. Injured victims might not be sure about how to proceed with lawsuits after these incidents.


For those who don’t know, “brake-checking” is a form of road rage that involves intentional, sudden braking in front of another vehicle. The goal may be to infuriate others or “punish” drivers for getting too close. While people who brake-check might feel justified in their actions, the results can be terrible. Such was the case on March 23rd, when a Toyota sedan brake-checked a dump truck, causing the trucker to lose control and veer into the path of two semi-trucks. All three large trucks crashed.


Yes, cows can cause car accidents, and in some cases these accidents can be fatal. On March 21st, it was reported that a group of cows had caused a crash that claimed the life of a man in Hendry County. Two vehicles approached cows on the road, both impacting the animals and later colliding with each other head-on. All five cows died and one of the drivers also lost his life. The question here is whether you can sue, and perhaps the only way would be to hold the farmer accountable for allowing their cows to roam across the road.

Sun Glare 

Even the sun can cause accidents. On March 24th, it was reported that a motorcyclist was in critical condition after an accident apparently caused by glare. The motorcyclist was driving down State Road 20 in Putnam when he suddenly lost control, exited the roadway, and crashed on a grassy median. The rider was ejected from the bike as a result. With no other apparent cause for the crash, authorities came to the conclusion that it was probably caused by sun glare. This kind of crash is common on certain roads where the sun reflects from the asphalt in a way that effectively blinds people.


Trees are probably more dangerous than most people realize. An impact with a tree is much more serious than an impact with most other vehicles, as these are completely unyielding objects with no safety features or “crumple zones.” On March 21st of 2023, it was reported that a West Melbourne man had lost his life after impacting a tree.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Auto Injury Attorney in Orlando? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury attorney, look no further than Payer Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous plaintiffs who have suffered harm in auto accidents. We know that some auto accidents are extremely unexpected and rare. But no matter how strange your accident might be, you deserve the opportunity to pursue compensation. Book your consultation with us today, and you can do just that.






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