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Things To Know About A T Bone Car Accident

t bone car accident in orlando

A car accident can happen at any time and can result from any number of things. Elements leading up to a crash could be a mechanical failure, environment or weather, or, the most common, human error and distraction. It doesn’t matter what causes the accident; it is still something that could be devastating to anyone involved. Side-impact accidents can be among the most damaging, especially a right angle collision or a t bone car accident. With the amount of traffic going through the area, it is hard to find an Orlando car accident lawyer to trust in this kind of situation, but the Payer Law is there. If you have been involved in a right angle collision, let them give you the guidance you need.

Who is at Fault?

A right angle collision or ‘t bone’ occurs when one car crosses the line of traffic and is struck on either side. This is typically a result of someone running a red light or stop sign, or pulling out of a parking lot into traffic without paying attention. There are instances in which weather could be a factor as well, such as hitting black ice when trying to stop at an intersection. However, the biggest point is that most of these accidents are completely avoidable. Distributing fault can vary. Sometimes the fault could only fall on one driver; whoever ran the light or stop sign. Other times, the fault could fall on both drivers. In the example where the driver leaves a parking lot and pulls into traffic, for instance, if they pull into traffic thinking they have enough space, and a car hits them because they were going over the speed limit, the fault may be divided. However, Florida is considered a ‘no-fault’ state, meaning any compensation has to be done as a personal injury claim through the auto insurance company. An Orlando car accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of working in a no-fault state and can provide the best advice in this matter.

What to Do After a T Bone Car Accident

After calling the authorities and seeking medical attention, the next step is to contact your lawyer and insurance company. Because Florida is a no-fault state, if you were injured, you have to file a personal injury claim with your own insurance to receive any kind of compensation for bills or repairs. If you were at fault, however, this will be difficult. If you were found more than 51 percent at fault, you might not be able to file the personal injury claim.

Avoiding a Collision

Of course, the best way to avoid being involved in a t bone accident is to just pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t run that light because you think you can make it; don’t roll through that stop sign because no one’s ever there anyway. And if it looks too risky, don’t pull out into traffic until a bigger space opens up. Always try to be safer than the drivers around you.

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Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If you have been involved in a t bone car accident, call or visit the Payer Law today. Get advice from an Orlando car accident lawyer who can help you take the next step.

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