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Is The Driver or The Company Liable For An At Fault Semi Accident

semi accident in orlando

You are a driver for a trucking company, and you got into a semi accident. Luckily, you are not hurt or injured, however, the truck is completely totaled. Are you liable for the damages of the truck or is the company? Here at Payer Law, our team and Noshua, including an Orlando car accident lawyer, are qualified individuals who are dedicated to giving you all the information you need to pursue further action.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you were driving a car for work, during work hours, you were still in an accident. It does not matter if the driving was for personal use. You may even be qualified to get money for your damages. If you’ve been involved in any car accident, you may need to hire a car accident lawyer. An experienced injury attorney can help you recover losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident and reduce the hefty amount of paperwork, and hassle often associated with car accident insurance claims. Knowing when you need professional legal assistance can make the difference between a justly resolved case and owe or losing substantial monetary damages. We can help assist you to ensure you get what you deserve.

The Company is Responsible for Your Semi Accident

After a vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, even if it is clear that the truck driver caused the crash, it’s not always easy to figure out who is legally liable. The company you work for may very well be responsible for the damages.

Become familiar with the phrase “Respondeat superior.” This is a Latin phrase that is basically the theory of liability. It means “let the superior make the answer.” Under this principle, an employer is liable for the wrongful acts committed by its employees, provided the act is unintentional and were committed during employment.

Within The Scope Of Employment

Determining what constitutes an act committed “within the scope of employment” can be confusing. Courts have adopted a number of factors to help resolve this issue. Although state’s laws may differ, common elements can include:

  • the intent of the employee
  • nature, time, and place of the employee’s conduct
  • type of work the employee was hired to do
  • incidental acts the employer should reasonably expect the employee to do
  • amount of freedom allowed to the employee in performing his or her duties, and
  • amount of time consumed in the personal activity.

Contact Us Today For More Information

If you are ever the victim of a semi accident and got injured, Payer Law is here for you. Our Orlando car accident lawyer is here for you. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for home, office, or hospital consultations. We have an office to help serve you better in Orlando. Our lawyers bring commitment and experience to your case, in order to ensure the largest possible settlement for you or your loved ones. Call us today, and we will ensure that you get the professional advice and information you need to move forward.

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