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Construction Zone Road Hazard Violations

road hazards in orlando

Navigating through a construction zone can be a mind boggling affair for motorists. There are a lot of additional rules they have to follow, the most obvious being to slow down. Construction zones are common in Orlando, Florida. In fact, they may be so common that it becomes easy to let your guard down while driving. The construction crews get the worst of it. Apart from the constant exposure to high traffic volumes and speed, they have to deal with road hazards like poor visibility, tired drivers and adverse weather conditions. Here are some violations associated with road construction zones that Payer Law finds useful.

Road Hazard Violations in A Construction Zone

  • Over Speeding

Each construction zone has a special speed limit set by the relevant authority based on traffic conditions or the condition of a construction project. A motorist is presumed to be in violation of the set law if driving over the speed limit in a construction zone. If he or she gets involved in an automobile accident while in that zone, he can be found negligent per se for any injuries caused. Victims of construction zone accidents can consult an Orlando accident lawyer and discuss various ways to get compensated by the offender.

  • Improper Demarcation of the Construction Zone Boundary

According to the law, the boundaries of a work zone should not exceed 500 feet in advance and beyond the actual construction activity. Any boundary before or after is a violation punishable by law. It is the work of the company, authority or contractor to ensure the boundaries are precisely marked. Imagine setting a boundary a foot away from where construction is taking place! That is a calamity waiting to happen.

  • Use of Communication Devices and Lack of Alertness

It is common knowledge that using mobile phones while driving is a recipe for disaster. In addition, it is a common traffic law violation. You might just miss the “CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS” sign while busy liking a friend’s post. Also, tired drivers are most likely to cause construction zone accidents as they lack the alertness needed to drive in such a place.

  • Improper Passing

Some of the motorists are just too impatient and decide to drive on the wrong lane or disregard a construction zone boundary. The result could be a head-on collision or even worse, knocking over a worker. Such a violation is easily regarded as a misdemeanor and the offender is awarded a heavy penalty. Workers injured from such a violation can have an Orlando accident lawyer represent them in court for compensation purposes.

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It is for the above road hazard violations and more that all states, except Wyoming have some laws that enhance penalties for committing traffic violations while in a construction zone. In Orlando, these penalties are only applicable when workers are present and if signs are posted. If you are an injury victim in need of an Orlando accident lawyer, feel free to contact us and get acquainted with our team of experienced attorneys.

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