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Injured On The Job as an Undocumented Worker? Steps You Should Take


When a worker is unfairly injured on the job, they are entitled to a type of insurance coverage called workers’ compensation. Through workers’ compensation, an injured employee can receive wage replacements or medical benefits for their afflictions. Many people take advantage of this benefit when possible, but the story can get more complicated if the injured employee is an undocumented worker.

While many undocumented workers’ try to stay under the radar at their workplace, a serious injury can severely impair their ability to perform at work or live a normal lifestyle. In this case, workers’ compensation for the injured employee is necessary and extremely important. If you are an undocumented worker who has been injured while working, this article will detail the steps you should take so you can receive sufficient compensation from your workplace.

Florida Law on Workers’ Compensation

In Florida, if a worker is injured due to work, they are eligible to receive workers’ compensation, regardless of citizenship status. Documented or undocumented, Florida recognizes that an employer owes protections to their employee if they happen to get injured on the job. As long as the company has workers’ compensation insurance, the injured person is an official employee, and the injury was related to work, medical coverage is available to the employee.

What Happens After I Am Injured On the Job?

For an effective and smooth workers’ compensation process, there are steps you can take to make the journey easier for you, your workplace, and your legal team. Every case is undoubtedly different, but the following is a general guideline you can expect for the workers’ compensation process:

  • Inform Your Employer About Your Injury: You should alert your employer about your injury as soon as possible. Make sure that the notification is on paper and not just verbally.
  • Receive Medical Treatment: Your health should be your greatest priority. Even if you feel fine, you should still schedule an appointment for any hidden injuries after an accident.
  • Request an Official Claim from Your Employer: Your employer should have paperwork for you to fill out regarding workers’ compensation. Be prepared with information and details on your injury.
  • Allow Your Employer to File the Claim: The employer will then file the claim to their insurer.
  • Wait As the Insurer Makes a Decision/; Ultimately, the insurance company will decide whether your case is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits or not. You may be asked to participate in mediation or a court hearing.

Have You Been Injured While Working?

Getting injured on the job as an undocumented worker can be a scary and worrying experience. While you may feel afraid to speak up, rest assured as your situation is not hopeless. As this article has highlighted, there are many steps you can take to get compensated for your injuries. By enlisting the help of an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney, you can discuss the options you have so you can maximize the compensation you receive. At Payer Law, we believe you deserve justice for your injuries regardless of who you are. If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation with us today, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (866) 930-1238.



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