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In A Car Accident But There Are No Witnesses? What To Do Next


Did you know that there is a car in the United States for nearly every American? Many of those people drive every day with no issues, safely going between work, the supermarket, school, college, and many other locations. However, there are accidents every day, with over 400,000 accidents happening in Florida alone.

When a car accident occurs, it can be a jarring and life altering event, with consequences for years to come. This may not always be the case for all accidents, but if it is, it is important to be prepared for the worst that can happen. During these more serious accidents, it is essential to help ensure your immediate and long term physical and mental health — both by seeing a doctor immediately, and preparing a case to get remuneration. Witnesses are very useful to swaying a case in your favor, but sometimes there aren’t any witnesses. Here is what to do if this is the case.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

The very first thing to do after an accident is to ensure your own immediate safety and then the immediate safety of those around you. Make sure to move cars out of the road, if possible, and check on all passengers of all vehicles involved. You will want to call an ambulance if there is a serious injury that needs immediate treatment. Once all safety concerns have been taken care of and all threatening injuries have been addressed, then it is important to call the police.

Notify the Police

Sometimes during accidents the other driver may attempt to pay you out of pocket or ask you not to call the police, but doing so is in your best interest. Wait patiently in your car or nearby the scene until they arrive. When they arrive, be sure to convey your side of the story and events, and to do so truthfully. In such high adrenaline situations, it is very easy to embellish or hyperbolize, but doing this might harm you in the long run. Be truthful, and if you don’t know something, explain so patiently and calmly.

Document the Scene

After speaking to the police, you will then want to document the scene. To start with, take several pictures of all cars involved, the damage both inside and out, and any external injuries, treated or otherwise. It is also important to get documentation from the other driver when possible. This information should include their license number, car make and model, name, insurance company, and other key information. You should make sure that, if asked, provide any information they need as well. After taking care of everything at the scene, you should then see a doctor to formally document any injuries that were caused by the accident. Doing so will further improve your case.

Speak To Us

After documenting the scene, it is important to reach out to an Orlando car accident attorney. Meeting with us here at Payer Law will allow you to best present your case and understand the possible outcomes. We can also help you determine if you are eligible for much-needed financial compensation after your accident. To schedule a free, no-risk consultation with us to go over your case with our compassionate team of attorneys, please do not hesitate to contact us today.



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