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What to Do When a Garbage Truck Backs into Your Car?

garbage truck accident in Orlando

Motor accidents can take many different forms. One such way is being involved in a crash where a garbage truck backs into your car in Orlando. You need to know the legal options which you can pursue to get compensated for any injury or damage that might you might have suffered in such an accident. Speaking to an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer from Payer Law who is experienced in handling garbage truck accident cases will increase the chances of you receiving maximum compensation for damages and injuries suffered.

How serious can these truck accidents get?

Garbage trucks offer essential services of removing garbage from residential and commercial practices. It is common to find these trucks making regular rounds around estates as they pick trash from homes and business premises. Garbage truck drivers are sometimes forced to park these big trucks in tight alleys so that they can easily access premises that are located in such places. Sadly, when the driver is backing up the truck, an accident can happen and the truck can quickly back into your car. Most truck accidents involving garbage trucks are as a result of obstructed view making it impossible for the truck driver to see the cars parked on the path he is backing the truck into.

Accidents that arise from garbage trucks backing into smaller vehicles can cause severe injuries and damages to a motorist. If you or your loved one is engaged in an accident where a garbage truck backed into your car, you can take legal action against the garbage truck driver. You can also take legal action against the employer with the aim of obtaining fair compensation for the damage and injuries suffered.

What are some common types of garbage truck legal actions in Orlando?

In case a garbage truck backs into your car, you need to seek legal counsel from a qualified Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer who will walk you walk you through the process of prosecuting your case and getting a favorable outcome. Here are some legal actions you can bring against the defendant:

  • Negligence- Your attorney can help you prove that the accident was as a result of negligence on the part of the truck driver. If you can prove that the garbage truck driver breached the duty of care he owed you as a road user, then you can recover damages due to this negligence.
  • Defective equipment- If it is proved that the garbage truck accident was as a result of a defect in the garbage truck or any of its parts, your attorney may help you sue the original manufacturer of the truck through by filing a products liability claim.
  • Poor maintenance- If it is found that the accident was as a result of the garbage truck having not been properly maintained, you can sue the owner or the party responsible for its maintenance. The law requires that all garbage trucks be serviced and inspected on a regular schedule.

Know Your Rights

If you or your loved one is involved in a garbage truck accident where a garbage truck backs into your car, you have every right to be compensated. Get the compensation that you deserve by hiring an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer from Payer Law to handle your case. Contact us today for free consultation.

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