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Common Causes Of Distracted Driving


Although we may like to believe we are in full control of our actions at all times, the reality is that we live in a distracted world.  Companies, technology, and other people and pets are constantly vying for our attention.  While sometimes a little bit of distraction can be fun and perhaps even therapeutic, if a driver becomes distracted while driving the results can lead to significant personal injury or even death.

Under Florida law, courts determine fault for personal injury cases using a system known as comparative negligence.  Under this system, the court will look at the actions of everyone involved in an accident and determine to what percentage each person is responsible for the crash.  Monetary compensation amounts are then adjusted to reflect the level of fault each party brought to the incident.

Because of Florida’s comparative negligence laws, it is important for drivers to be cognizant of their actions while behind the wheel.  In addition, it is important to be aware of the actions of other drivers; in the event of a crash, your personal injury attorney will work with you to build a case that shows the other driver’s distraction (i.e. negligence) was the predominant cause.  For these reasons, read on to discover what Florida residents should know about common causes of distracted driving.

Cell Phone Use 

It may not be a surprise that cell phone use is a major contributor to distracted driving.  For this reason, the National Safety Council has created multiple campaigns to showcase the dangers of distracted driving in general, and cell phone use in particular.

Between texting, calls, and scrolling through the internet, our phones are constant sources of distraction, but the costs of sending that next social media update could be severe personal injury or worse.  If a court discovers a driver was using their phone behind the wheel at the time of an accident, that driver’s level of fault is almost certain to be very high.

Adjusting the Instrument Panel 

Much like cell phones, the instrument panel on our vehicles actually offers many different opportunities for distraction all in one place.  Changing the speaker volume, the radio station, adjusting the climate control settings, or even checking the child safety window locks are all examples of ways drivers can become distracted while behind the wheel.  For these reasons, it is always advised that drivers pull over to a safe location before undergoing significant adjustment of their vehicle’s control systems.

Engaging with Passengers 

If a driver has children or even pets in the car, these passengers can easily become sources of distraction while driving.  In fact, even talking to another adult in the front passenger seat can be quite distracting for some drivers.  As the driver, it is therefore important for you to understand your threshold for noise, conversation, and other forms of distractibility that arise from your passengers.

When to Contact an Attorney 

When you incur personal injury as a result of another driver’s distraction, you are likely going to want to understand what legal recourse you have. Contact the Orlando car accident attorneys at Payer Law today to discuss your options.


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