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Tips to Prevent Road Rage & Careless Driving

careless driving in orlando

Whether you are a resident or a guest visiting Orlando, Florida, then you know that this area sees its fair share of careless driving. I-4 is actually consider the most dangerous highway in the nation. Accidents are reported in this area multiple times a day. And the bad news is, you never know if you will be next. Whether Orlando’s excessive cases for motor vehicle accidents is due to careless driving, uncertainty, or a case of road rage, it is terrifying to think of what could happen on this highway. Whether you have been the cause or the victim in one of these incidents, it is important to contact an Orlando accident lawyer straight away to ensure you are documenting all the necessary stipulations that could help in your settlement case.

In the meantime, let’s try to prevent these accidents from occurring, shall we? Payer Law in Orlando, Florida is here to give you our best tips to prevent road rage and reckless driving while maneuvering the daunting streets of Central Florida.

Tip # 1: Sleep

Lack of sleep is a major factor in road rage. Ensuring that you are getting plenty of sleep before work, or your big trip the next day is one way to prevent road rage. When you are tired, you are more likely to experience negative emotions such as annoyance, anger, and resentment. All off these can lead to aggressive behavior on the road. This type of driving will only fault you in the case you are involved in a personal injury claim, especially when led by a well-informed Orlando accident lawyer.

Tip #2: Look Out for Careless Driving

This can not be reiterated enough: though you may be an excellent driver, not everyone is. Despite your expert maneuvering skills and eagle eye perception, you need to be aware of other potential careless drivers on the road. Sometimes it’s caused by road rage, in which case, you need to be extra cautious. There is nothing you can do to prevent or hinder the road rage of another driver. Thoughtless driving can also be the result of a lost driver, who may make a bold move in order to make their next turn or exit. The best case in this scenario is just to be on the lookout for any vehicles that may be swerving in and out of traffic and simply stay away.

Tip #3: Plan Your Trip

We have all been guilty of making abrupt turn on the road. We all think that there is nothing worse than having to spend an extra five minutes on the highway in order to get off on the next exist. Except there is—an automobile accident is much worse than those extra few minutes on the road. In order to prevent yourself from missing these turns, you should plan your trip accordingly. Make sure you leave with time to spare so that you are not rushing to get to your destination.

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If you are ever involved in an accident due to road rage or some other form of careless driving, be sure to contact an Orlando accident lawyer. Our experts at Payer Law Firm have seen many a case involving accidents on the tremendous I-4 highway. We can tell you everything you need to do to get through an auto accident ordeal.

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