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Car Accidents Caused by Debris

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Drivers are supposed to be attentive while driving, avoid reckless driving, and try their best to prevent auto accidents. However, sometimes car accidents can occur due to circumstances that are not under the control of the driver, an example being auto accidents caused by debris. In a lot of cases, involving car accidents caused by debris, the party responsible is generally a private company or a government agency. Proving their negligence is not easy and sometimes, impossible. For this reason, it is essential to refer to an experienced insurance claim lawyer. Consult Payer Law to get an aggressive legal representation from an Orlando accident lawyer.

How Debris on the Road Can Cause Accidents

An AAA study shows that two-thirds of car accidents caused by debris were due to mechanical failures or unsecured loads. Some of the most common debris that leads to car accidents include:

  • Tires and other detachable car parts
  • Appliances, furniture and other household items
  • Detached trailers

Greater than one-third of deaths caused by debris-related accidents involved the driver swerving the vehicle to avoid the debris, causing it to lose control or crash with another automobile.

Insurance Claim Lawyer

Auto accidents caused by debris are complex as there is no way to find out who is responsible for the debris. However, the injured party can claim the uninsured motorist coverage from their own insurance firm. A skilled insurance claim lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

How to Prevent Debris-related Car Accidents

While debris may be unavoidable on the road, it is possible to prevent. Fasten all carrying cargo that can possibly fall on the road securely to the vehicle using straps, tethers, tarps, and netting. Avoid overloading and packing in too much.

Drivers should try avoiding any vehicle carrying huge loads. It would be a good idea to either keep a reasonable distance between that vehicle and yours or change to a different lane to avoid any potential debris.

If there is small debris on the road, it would be better to drive over it rather than around it as swerving can result in a crash with another car.

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Car accidents caused by debris are a complex matter when it comes to filing a claim. For this reason, you need to refer to a skilled and experienced insurance claim lawyer who can provide aggressive legal representation against the insurance to ensure you get a fair compensation. With over 30 years of experience, Payer Law can offer the peace of mind to their clients that their case will be handled in an ethical and diligent manner. Every detail of a case is extremely important in the resulting verdict, and obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients is our #1 priority. If you suffer any damages or injuries due to a car accident caused by debris, contact Payer Law to discuss a potential insurance claim with a skilled Orlando accident lawyer.

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