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Do Not Accept the First Settlement Offer You Receive!

car accident settlement Orlando

Many of those who get into a car accident may believe that a car accident settlement is too difficult a process to go through and may settle for the first offer that comes their way. Payer Law, a car accident lawyer Orlando trusts, knows that this can be a serious mistake. The first offer that is presented to you by the insurance company is never going to be what your injuries are actually worth and it is not going to be enough to cover all of the expenses that you may need to cover. That is why it is important to wait and go through the process of negotiating so that you can get the compensation that you are owed. To learn more about the negotiation process during settlement, contact us at Payer Law.

Car Accident Settlement Procedures

When you are in a car accident, the person responsible will have their insurance company provide you with compensation for your injuries and for the damages done to your car. If you have been injured seriously or you have lost the use of your car, this can be a lifesaver. However, many insurance adjusters will only offer a fraction of what you are owed rather than what they know that your injuries are worth. For instance, you may have incurred $30,000 worth of medical bills and damages to your car but the insurance will only offer you $3,000.

Your lawyer will work with you to determine a number that encompasses your medical expenses as well as any other expenses that you may need to get compensation for. This could be something like lost wages, which you may not have received as a result of being injured for an extended period of time. They then make sure to multiply that by a certain amount to account for pain and suffering. Once you have arrived at that number, your attorney will then present that figure to the insurance company.

The insurance company will likely not meet the number that you present to them, but that is expected. With the help of your skilled attorney, you will be able to arrive at a number that more accurately meets your needs and will be able to provide you with the compensation that you require.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer Orlando Trusts?

We at Payer Law know the consequences that can come with accepting an offer that is too low and we work to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Do not accept the first offer that is presented to you by the insurance company and makes sure to contact Payer Law.

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Payer Law is a car accident lawyer Orlando trusts and we can make sure that you get properly compensated for your car accident settlement. We have had ample experience with car accidents and we know how to handle the insurance company. If you have questions regarding our services or you would like to get help with your car accident settlement, contact us today.

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