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What Are My Rights If I Was Hit and Didn’t Have Insurance?

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If you have found yourself searching “car accident no insurance,” you may be struggling to figure out what your next steps are in terms of getting the compensation you deserve. As Orlando’s best motorcycle accident attorney, Payer Law knows that this kind of accident is all too common and they have the expertise to help those clients that have found themselves overwhelmed after an accident where they had no insurance. Contact us at Payer Law to learn more about how we could help you after a motorcycle accident where you were uninsured.

Have You Searched “Car Accident No Insurance”?

If you were a victim of an accident and you did not have insurance, you are probably wondering how you are going to get compensation from it. You still need funds to cover your hospital bill if you were injured and you are probably going to need additional funds to cover repairs for your motorcycle. If the accident was particularly bad, you may even wish to claim additional funds for your pain and suffering.

However, without insurance, you may not be able to do that without legal representation. Only a lawyer could make a reasonable argument on your behalf in a court of law. In certain states, there are regulations against what you can and cannot claim—including things that you may want to claim like personal pain and suffering. A lawyer can help you navigate the different state legislatures to find out how much you can claim and see if you have a case against the party responsible for your accident.

Should I Use a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you have been in an accident with a car and you were not insured at the time, you may be at a disadvantage when dealing with the responsible driver. You do not have an automatic source of funds for your car damages, your injuries, and whatever additional pain and suffering you may have.

If you reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney, you may still be able to recover some of those lost funds. They can help argue your case against the insurance company of the responsible party and make sure that you are not left without money to cover all of your expenses.

In Orlando, Payer Law is the premier motorcycle accident attorney and we have the experience to help you argue your case and get you the compensation you need to get your life back to normal. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation about your case.

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Searching “car accident no insurance” after a motorcycle accident can be many uninsured motorists’ first step. However, Payer Law is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney that can help you in the event of an accident where you did not have insurance. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Payer Law in Orlando.

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