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An Orlando Car Accident Attorney Covers Distracted Driving


Car accidents are a scary thing, mainly because most of the time we have no control over when or how they happen, but one of the rising causes of accidents in the Orlando area is distracted driving, which could be prevented. About twenty-five percent of all accidents are caused by some sort of distracted driving, and many of these accidents result in fatalities. Many people don’t understand exactly what is considered distracted driving and it’s important to get background information from an Orlando car accident attorney, so you have the knowledge you need in case you find yourself in one of these situations. Payer Law is the leading car accident lawyer Orlando locals trust the most when it comes to their important cases.

Advice From An Orlando Car Accident Attorney: Distracted Driving

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of distracted driving is texting while driving and this is definitely the leading cause of distracted driving accidents. Ever since technology has continued to advance drivers have continued to become more and more distracted by them and forgetting to pay attention to the road. It becomes more important to read your incoming messages, and type replies that focusing on stop signs or red lights. Distracted driving due to cell phones isn’t just restricted to texting while being behind the wheel, but with the continued development of apps available on the smartphone, it’s become harder not to check Facebook, Instagram, or emails during your drive.

New studies have started taking a look at how drivers have changed over time as technology has continued to develop. The studies further examined how distracted driving has changed over the years as technology has advanced. These studies had found that fifty-seven percent of drivers are now more likely to get into distracted driving accidents than earlier years when the study was done. The research also found that drivers are now engaging in even riskier driving behavior because of smartphones. Previously cellphones were simply used for phone calls and texting, but now with the different ways cellular devices can be used drivers are becoming more distracted more frequently. One of the biggest distractions offered through smartphones is all of the social media apps that can be routes of distraction. In addition to social media, unlimited access to the internet can lead to web surfing at red lights or in traffic, which can lead to unexpected crashes. The use of smartphones has shown to increase accidents by sixty-six percent, and although this type of distracted driving is more common among younger drivers, in their teens or twenties, this mistake is made by drivers of all different ages and demographics.

Although smartphones make up a large percentage of distracted driving accidents, there are other causes of these crashes as well. There are actually three different categories of distracted driving visual when a driver takes their eyes off of the road, manual is where the driver takes their hands off of the wheel, and finally cognitive when the focus is taken away from safe driving. All of these situations show that a driver is trying to operate a vehicle while attention is focused on another task, which is the basic definition of distracted driving.  If you’re still feeling confused about what is considered distracted driving, it is smart to find a car accident lawyer Orlando natives trust to sit down with you and help walk you through the situation.

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