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Can I Win a Slip and Fall Case If There Were Warning Signs Posted?

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If you have suffered a slip and fall accident but there was a warning sign posted, you may still have a case. Contact Payer Law, a personal injury attorney in Orlando to learn more about how they could help you with your slip and fall case. They have the background and experience needed to provide you with a slip and fall lawyer able to help you with your case even if there was a sign posted.

The Placement and Visibility Matter

Just having a sign in place to warn people of a wet floor is not enough. If the sign is in a location where people cannot view it or if the sign itself is difficult to see or read, then the existence of the sign itself is not enough. If you have suffered from a slip and fall and you did not see the sign posted, then there is a chance that the accident was not your fault. In fact, if you can prove that the sign was not in a location where it was clearly visible, then you still may have a case.

The other factor at play is whether the sign is clear. If the sign is handwritten and the handwriting is illegible, then that sign cannot count as a valid warning that there is a present danger.

A personal injury attorney can attest to this fact. Just because a sign exists does not mean that the sign was doing the job of keeping you safe. The sign needs to be displayed clearly and the sign itself needs to be legible.

That is why it is so important that you take pictures of the location when you suffer from the slip and fall. This can help you prove that the sign was not visible to you or that the sign was unclear. You can then show these pictures to your slip and fall lawyer who can utilize these in your case.

What Were You Doing on the Premises?

If you were a guest or attendee to an event, then you will have a different legal standing than someone who was trespassing on the property. It would be difficult for you to build a case that you had a slip and fall accident in a location that you did not have legal access to.

Make Sure to Get a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you have the certainty that you did not see the sign or that that sign was unclear, make sure to contact a slip and fall lawyer. At Payer Law, they can help you solve your slip and fall accident case.

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When you get injured in a slip and fall and there was a sign posted, you may believe that you have no case against the responsible party. However, you may still have a case if the signs posted were not posted clearly or there was something wrong with the sign itself. Contact Payer Law to learn more about these types of cases and see how they could help you.

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