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It’s one thing for a driver to be careless or make a mistake that leads to a car crash, but those who drive recklessly pose a serious threat to everyone on the road. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports in its Traffic Crash Facts that reckless driving accidents are relatively uncommon, at just .08 percent of all collisions in the state annually. However, additional statistics demonstrate that these incidents are deadly: More than half of all crashes involving reckless driving cause at least one fatality or injury.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one because of another driver’s reckless, aggressive misconduct, you may get some comfort from knowing that you have rights under Florida law. It’s possible to recover compensation for your losses, and our team at the Payer Law can assist with the legal process. Please contact our firm to set up a no-cost case assessment with an reckless driving accident attorney, and check out some important information about the relevant laws.

Examples of Reckless Driving

Many auto crashes are based upon negligent acts, such as speeding, failure to yield, running a red light, or improper lane changes. Reckless driving involves more than mere carelessness; it involves an unacceptable, egregious disregard for the safety of others. Some examples include:

  • Speeding in excess of 25 miles over the posted limit;
  • Following too closely in traffic, i.e., tailgating;
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Illegal passing, such as on the shoulder, on a tight curve, or in a no-passing zone;
  • Weaving through lanes of traffic;
  • Intentionally disregarding traffic signs, signals, and lane markings;
  • Operating a vehicle with knowledge of defects or the need for repairs; and,
  • Drag racing with other cars. 

Legal Remedies for Victims of Reckless Driving Crashes

To recover compensation in most car accidents, you must show that the other motorist failed to exercise reasonable care when driving, and this breach was the direct cause of the accident. The same is true for reckless driving crashes, through the failure is obviously more extreme. In a successful claim, you can recover for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages depending on the details.

In a reckless driving crash, you may also qualify to obtain punitive damages, which are intended to punish the motorist for engaging in outrageous misconduct. This form of damages is more difficult to recover, but our team at the Payer Law has successfully sought punitives in many cases. We can tell you whether seeking punitive damages would be appropriate for your situation.

Contact an Orlando Reckless Driving Accident Attorney About Your Rights

As you can see, crashes caused by reckless motorists can be more complicated than other auto collision cases. Making a case for punitive damages requires extensive legal knowledge, so retaining experienced legal counsel is a must. For more information on our services in reckless driving accidents, please contact our team at Payer Law to schedule a free consultation. You can reach our Orlando, FL office at 407-307-2979 or via our website.

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