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Have you experienced issues during your child’s delivery in Orlando, FL, resulting in injury? You may be eligible for a financial award to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, and other damages. The knowledgeable Orlando birth injury lawyers at Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers are committed to securing the compensation you’re owed.

With a strong track record since 2007, we’ve successfully secured over $100 million for our clients. Our aim is to address the full scope of your child’s needs stemming from the injury.

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How Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Birth Injury Claim in Orlando

How Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Birth Injury Claim in Orlando

Medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, are expected to provide a standard of care that aligns with established medical practices. Unfortunately, failure to meet these standards can lead to patient harm.

If your child was harmed during birth, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind it. Navigating medical malpractice claims can be daunting due to their complexity. Our skilled Orlando medical malpractice attorneys are well-versed in handling such issues.

Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers is highly regarded in the Orlando area, backed by decades of collective experience in advocating for injury victims.

Choosing our Orlando personal injury attorneys means getting comprehensive services, including:

  • Investigating the cause of your child’s injury
  • Identifying liable parties and applicable insurance policies
  • Consulting with medical experts to assess your claim’s value
  • Managing all interactions with insurance providers

Our Orlando personal injury lawyers are familiar with the challenges you face and have strategies to overcome the intimidating tactics used by insurers.

Interested in discussing your situation with a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer in Orlando, Florida? Contact us to arrange a no-charge consultation.

Types of Birth Injury

A birth injury refers to harm that a newborn experiences around the time of birth, which could happen before, during, or shortly after the delivery process. Some birth injuries are severe, requiring lifelong medical attention and care.

Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers has experience with cases involving all types of birth injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Brachial plexus and Erb’s Palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Brain injuries and intracranial hemorrhages
  • Eye bleeding (Subconjunctival hemorrhage)
  • Fractures
  • Cephalohematoma and Caput Succedaneum
  • Conditions leading to oxygen deprivation, like placental abruption and uterine rupture

Many birth injuries are preventable with proper care. If your child suffered an injury at birth, reach out for a complimentary consultation. Our birth injury lawyers in Orlando are ready to review your case and discuss the legal avenues available to you.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Birth Injuries in Orlando?

The indicators of birth injuries range widely, depending on the specific injury involved. Here are some symptoms to be vigilant about at the time of birth:

  • Bruising or swelling on the baby’s body
  • Immediate need for resuscitation
  • A pale or bluish skin color
  • A low heart rate
  • Crying with an arched back
  • Poor reflex responses
  • A cry that’s unusually high-pitched
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Respiratory distress or rapid breathing
  • Early onset of seizures following birth

Certain birth injuries might not be immediately apparent. Instead, they could manifest as developmental delays, such as:

  • Challenges with speech
  • Delays in crawling or walking
  • Unusual body movements
  • Difficulties with eating or drinking
  • Problems grasping objects
  • Coordination issues
  • Hearing impairment

Regular medical check-ups for your child are crucial to identify and address any injuries that might not present symptoms right away.

What Causes Most Birth Injuries in Orlando?

Birth injuries frequently result from medical oversights, indicating that a significant number of these incidents stem from medical malpractice.

Common reasons behind birth injuries include:

  • Misuse of instruments like forceps or vacuum extractors during birth
  • Delay in opting for a Caesarean section when necessary
  • Inadequate monitoring of the mother and baby during pregnancy
  • Neglecting to track vital signs accurately during labor and birth
  • Deprivation of oxygen to the baby
  • Overlooking the diagnosis of a health issue
  • Mistakes in administering medication
  • Miscommunication among healthcare professionals
  • Insufficient experience of the medical staff

Should you suspect your child’s injury was due to medical negligence, seeking legal counsel is crucial. Contact Payer Law Personal Injury Lawyers for a complimentary consultation with a seasoned medical malpractice attorney.

What Compensation Can I Recover for Birth Injuries in Orlando, Florida?

In Florida, individuals affected by medical malpractice, including those involving birth injuries, can pursue compensation through two main categories: economic and non-economic damages. These categories are designed to cover different types of losses incurred.

Economic damages are intended to offset direct financial expenses, which might include:

  • All medical expenses, both past and future
  • Costs for rehabilitation and therapy
  • Expenses for medications and necessary medical equipment
  • Home care services
  • Special education needs
  • Counseling services
  • Lost wages and income due to time off work caring for your child
  • Potential future loss of earnings for your child

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, provide compensation for more subjective, non-financial losses. The experience of seeing your child suffer from an injury at birth is deeply distressing, not to mention the ongoing pain if the injury has long-term effects.

You might be eligible for compensation for:

  • Emotional distress and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring 
  • Reduced quality of life
  • The loss of a normal childhood experience for your child
  • Psychological conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • The emotional loss of your child’s presence and support

In cases where a birth injury leads to a fatality, our firm is prepared to assist you in seeking wrongful death damages.

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