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What To Do if Your Child is Hit By a Car

hit and run in Orlando

A hit and run is already one of the most devastating things that can occur to any person. This is doubly so when you are dealing with a hit and run that affected a child. When a child is a victim of a hit and run, you can be left confused and angry. Decision making after something that serious and devastating can be difficult but with the help of a car accident lawyer Orlando trusts, you can be certain to make the right decisions for your child. Payer Law is a law firm in Orlando that understands how difficult these cases can be and they can help you sort through them.

Get the license plate of the hit and run driver

If the driver runs off after hitting your child, your first instinct can be rage. That is understandable, but be sure to be smart and get the license plate of the driver and immediately contact the police. The sooner they arrive on the scene and gather information from you; the sooner they can find the person responsible for your child’s injury. While you may remember the make and model of the car and the appearance of the driver, the police are not going to be able to properly locate the car unless they have the license plate number. It is important for you to gather information from witnesses as well, as they could assist your case.

Treat your child’s injuries

The first thing you should do after the accident, of course, is get medical treatment for your child. However, once your child is in the safe care of doctors and other medical professionals, you should contact an attorney to help you build a case against the offending driver. This way you can get monetary compensation for the hit and run and be able to pay for all the medical expenses that you may incur. Given how expensive emergency medical care can be, this can be a crucial resource to you following your child’s injury.

Pursuing a case against the driver

Typically, the driver’s insurance company will offer a settlement following an accident. This is usually not enough to pay for all the medical expenses that may follow. In fact, pursuing a legal case against the driver may be the only way for you to cover all the medical expenses. In the rare and sad event that the accident results in a wrongful death, pursuing a case can help you cover funerary expenses and whatever remaining medical care that your child required.

Cases may take a significant period of time but with the right attorney at your side you can be certain to get the compensation you require without a ton of emotional stress in an already turbulent time.

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Don’t try to handle a hit and run accident alone, especially when your child is the victim. Get legal help from a car accident lawyer Orlando uses and trusts. Payer Law can be your car accident lawyer Orlando based resource to handle a hit and run case involving your child. If you are in any situational distress involving the wrongful harm of one of your loved ones, contact today for a free consultation and the guaranteed legal assistance devoted to you and your loved one’s well-being.

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