Whether you’re considering a move to the Sunshine State or are planning a vacation to one of Florida’s many wonderful attractions, it’s wise to keep safety in mind. In general, Orlando is considered to be a safe city and boasts a lower crime rate than other metro areas of the same size. 

However, as in all large cities, some neighborhoods are safer than others. If you’re concerned about violent crime, auto accidents, or injuries to a child, knowing which neighborhoods are viewed as the safest will help you have a great visit or start an exciting new life in Orlando. 

Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek is only 10.5 miles from Disneyworld, but this Orlando neighborhood feels like a world of its own. Hunters Creek scores an A+ from Crimegrade and compares well to neighboring areas. 

It is a well-planned community with all essential services, such as shopping and dining. Hunters Creek draws many new families to the area thanks to the community’s good schools. Active neighborhood watch programs add to Hunter Creek’s safety and sense of community. 

Audubon Park

Audubon Park is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Orlando. It is known for its natural beauty, tree-lined streets, and charming historical architecture. Audubon Park is less than five miles from downtown Orlando. This neighborhood is a great choice for visitors who want to explore the area’s exciting amusement parks and enjoy outdoor adventures, too.  

Property crime rates in Audubon Park are higher than the national average. However, violent crime is 29% lower, and the area is considered 55% safer than other Florida cities. 

Horizon West

Horizon West is a planned community in Winter Garden. The area features diverse housing options, including condos, apartments, single-family homes, and townhomes. It’s also close to major attractions and is located fewer than 20 miles from downtown Orlando. 

The neighborhood receives an A from Crimegrade and is rated in the 85th percentile for safety. This means it is considered safer than 85% of all cities in Florida. 

Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips may be a strange name for a neighborhood, but it’s known to be a safe and family-friendly area with low crime rates. Just a ten-minute drive west of downtown Orlando, Dr. Phillips is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for upscale home buyers. 

Crimegrade gives the area an A for safety. With its low rate of assault and other violent crimes, Dr. Phillips is safer than 90% of all cities in Florida. 


Oviedo is often referred to as one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. It is located in Seminole County. However, this close-knit community is still viewed as a suburb of Orlando, given that it is only 20 minutes from the large city. Oviedo is a small town with plenty of its own entertainment and recreational offerings, but it’s also within easy driving distance of Orlando’s big attractions.

There is little crime of any kind in this community. It rates A+ for violent crime and averages an A for all other types of crime. Visitors and new residents alike will appreciate the diverse recreational areas, safe parks, great restaurants, and friendly atmosphere Oviedo has to offer. 

Staying Safe in Orlando, Florida

Many people think of Orlando as one big tourist attraction, but that’s an unfair estimation. Orlando is a diverse city with brand-new planned communities and charming historic neighborhoods. 

Of course, visitors should take reasonable precautions to keep themselves safe while in Orlando. However, they don’t need to worry about their safety more than they would in any of America’s large metropolitan areas.

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