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Wrongful Death Statistics

wrongful death in orlando

The death of a loved one takes an extremely large emotional and mental toll. This is even more true when the cause of death is due to preventable causes such as vehicle accidents like motorcycle crashes. The force and trauma of a motorcycle crash can cause serious personal injuries to the motorcyclist and rider, and tragically result in death. When the death of the motorcyclist is the unfortunate result of negligence, carelessness, distracted driving, fault, or DUI of another driver, the surviving family members can and should pursue action. In Florida, this type of action is labeled a Florida Wrongful Death Case. These types of cases come with their own set of laws, procedures, and forums for the pursuit of a Wrongful Death case when handling a case on behalf of a motorcycle accident victim. Payer Law in Orlando is a top motorcycle accident attorney in Orlando. Call us today for an initial consultation.

Motorcycle Accident Cases and Statistics

In 2005 alone, there were 45,343 motor vehicle fatalities, making it the leading cause of death in unintentional accidents. In 2002, there were 17,419 DUI-related fatalities, totally 41 percent of traffic deaths that year that were of preventable causes. There are unique challenges, issues, and stresses associated with cases where there is a preventable death in a motorcycle accident case. These cases and handled in the situation where the motorcyclist survives the crash but remains in pain and has to deal with a number of medical issues for the rest of their life. In this state, when a biker passes away as a result of a motorcycle crash, the case needs to be set up as an estate or probate case and there must first be a determination as to which family members would be the statutory beneficiaries under the Florida Wrongful Death Act.

Wrongful Death Laws and Cases

Wrongful deaths associated with a motorcycle accident or other forms of negligence such as a crash involving a bicycle, pedestrian, or other vehicles, is covered in Chapter 768 of the Florida Statutes. Under these statutes, there are certain procedures, notices, and deadlines that need to be followed. A motorcycle accident attorney such as the Payer Law should be hired and consulted with, due to the complexities and stresses associated with a wrongful death case. It is important to seek legal counsel in order to pursue the case properly and receive the compensation the family deserves, as well as to pursue justice and accountability in the aftermath of the crash.

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Motorcycle accidents that result in fatalities are often the result of driver negligence or DUIs. In a wrongful death case, it is important to take legal action and receive the compensation and justice that the victim deserves. In such a case, you should seek legal counsel in order to pursue it properly. Payer Law is a top motorcycle accident attorney in the Orlando area representing the family and victims of such cases. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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