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Workers Compensation For Teachers Involved In Unions

a lawyer discusses workers compensation for teachers in unions

If you are a teacher who has been injured at work, you may not know where to turn for help. Your first instinct may be not to report it, especially if the injury seems minor. This mistake could have detrimental long-term effects. Slipping on a wet floor or tripping over an obstruction may result in what seems to be a minor injury. You may think you simply sprained your ankle or knee; however, the injury could be much more than that. Ligament injuries often require surgery and lengthy time away from work. That minor slip-and-fall could leave you with long-term back pain and expensive treatments for years to come.

Time off work often results in loss of salary, and even the fear of losing your job. Most employees don’t know who to contact to begin the process of a Workmens’ Compensation claim. Attempting to handle this situation on your own may result in loss of pay and unpaid medical bills. If you begin the process and file the wrong paperwork or miss a deadline, your claim can be denied. Navigating government regulations and completing confusing claims forms is time-consuming and often frustrating. Waiting for callbacks and approvals can result in delayed treatments. Insurance companies often attempt to keep their costs at a minimum, and may not advise you of all available benefits. Without help, you may also fail to consider the possibility of future problems resulting from your injury.

Because of this, you should contact an experienced workers compensation attorney. The attorneys at Payer Law know what benefits are available to union teachers and how to proceed with the necessary paperwork. They will ensure you receive the benefits you are due and explain the entire process to you. Rather than having several points of contact at different offices, our attorneys and staff are available to you with one phone call. We have the answers to your questions and have dealt with the claims process before.

Missing work, scheduling medical treatments, and worrying about accumulating bills can keep you from taking the time you need to fully treat your injury. You need a professional workers compensation attorney on your side to help take the burden off of your shoulders and guide you every step of the way.

Your workers compensation attorney knows the law. They are familiar with all the benefits available through your employer and the government. You will have experienced assistance to ensure you receive the necessary help with replacing your salary and covering the immediate medical bills. We will also make sure any future complications are taken into consideration. Our office will be able to guide you to experienced medical personnel that can handle your type of injury.

Put your needs and the needs of your family first. Don’t try to handle your injury alone and risk unnecessary bills and stress. Let Payer Law offer you peace of mind while you recuperate. The decision to get professional help may have a big impact on your future health and career.

If you have any questions about workers compensation, visit us at payerlawgroup.com or call us at 407-307-2979.

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