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Should I Get a Lawyer for Workers Comp?

workers compensation lawyers in Orlando

Should I Get Workers Compensation Lawyers?

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, you can choose to either represent yourself or hire one of the qualified workers compensation lawyers to handle your case. Granted, the decision to represent either represent yourself or hire an attorney from Payer Law to represent you in Orlando, FL will depend on two things: (1) the severity of the injury you have suffered; (2) the complexity of the case at hand.

Conditions Under Which You Can Represent Yourself

As a rule of thumb, you may be able to represent yourself without a personal injury lawyer if all the statements below are true:

  • The injury suffered at the workplace is minor.
  • You have not missed work due to the injury suffered.
  • You do not have any pre-existing health condition.
  • Your employer confirms that the injury happened at the workplace.

Even if all the statements above are true in regards to your case, it is still a good idea that you consult several workers compensation attorneys who will give you free advice on the merits of your case as well us caution you of any pitfalls that you need to be weary of.

Conditions Under Which You Should Hire an attorney

The moment you discover that some huddles have been thrown on your way and that you perceive that it might be difficult for you to receive your compensation, that is the time that you should consult a firm with workers compensation lawyers. If you face any of these situations, then make haste and consult a lawyer:

  • Your employer rejects your claim or the insurer refuses to pay you promptly- There are instances where employers and insurers might refuse to compensate workers who have bona fide claims. These employers and insurers blatantly refuse or delay to pay knowing well that the employee will not appeal their decisions. Sadly, this is the case for many such cases. It is a classic case of the employees not knowing their rights.

  • The settlement offer is not sufficient to cover your medical bills and compensate you for lost wages- The compensation you receive should be sufficient to cover your medical bills and your lost wages. You need not to accept any offer that is presented to you. If you feel that you deserve better, of which we think you do, you should not settle for peanuts, talk to our lawyers.

  • The injury suffered has rendered you unable to continue with work -In this condition, you will not be able to represent yourself in court. In these cases, insurers often under pay their premium holders. Permanent disability might require periodic or prolonged medical care which is often very expensive. Hiring a good workers comp lawyer to represent you will ensure that the compensation you get is sufficient to foot the medical bills and guarantee you a comfortable life outside employment.

  • You are entitled you receive social security disability benefits- in the event that you qualify to receive social security disability benefits, you risk losing a big chunk of your benefit. An experienced lawyer will help you to draft your settlement agreement such as to eliminate the offset.

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At Payer Law, we have a team of workers compensation lawyers who have the skills and expertise needed to represent you in a workers’ compensation case. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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