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What Does Workers Compensation Include?

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Besides helping cover costs incurred for necessary medical treatment due to an injury or illness related to your job, worker’s compensation has many other temporary and permanent benefits you need to know about. We at Payer Law want you to know more about these benefits now so you can make informed decisions should you or someone you know suffer from a work-related illness or injury and need a¬†workers compensation attorney.

Necessary medical treatment

Workers compensation insurance is designed to help cover expenses resulting from a work-related injury, permanent disability or death. Common medically necessary expenses include doctor visits, medical tests, hospitalization, surgery, prostheses, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and travel expenses to and from authorized medical treatment and pharmacy. Do not make the mistake of accepting only prescription drugs that mask the symptoms without treating the root cause. Speak with an experienced workers compensation attorney who specializes in your type of case.

Wage replacement benefits

Wage replacement benefits offset some of the loss of income when you are unable to work or your earnings are lower because of a work-related illness or injury. Even if you are able to work some but earn a lower wage than before the injury, you may be eligible for this benefit. But insurance companies and their attorneys will stall as long as they can, sometimes taking many months or more and causing great financial strain for the injured worker and their family who may be unaware of this benefit or how it works.

An attorney or practice who specializes in workers compensation law can quickly get your claim filed and see that the benefits are not withheld but paid on time. Avoid waiting weeks or months without income when you could have help paying your bills if only you knew the steps to take. Do not suffer longer than necessary when Payer Law can help you file your claim and see to it that you receive the benefits on time.

Denial of Benefits

Remember, these insurance carriers’ top goal is to pay out as little as possible. They know how hard everything is when you do not receive timely medical attention and wage replacement. They count on it discouraging you in ways that cause undue financial strain and hardships. It delays treatment and healing and prolongs the suffering. The will use any number of ruses to avoid paying out anything. Even if you waited a few months or a couple of years to report the injury and file a claim, you may still be eligible to receive medical care and wage replacement benefits.

Here for you around the clock everyday

Our firm is ready 24/7 to evaluate and speak with you about your case so you can plan your next steps with confidence and peace of mind. Remember that insurance carriers have attorneys who are not there to look out for your needs or even your employer’s needs but to look out for their best interests. They are not there to help you but to minimize the benefits they will have to pay. Often times they succeed by using loopholes in the worker’s compensation laws and at the expense of the uninformed sick or injured. If you or someone you know needs a workers compensation attorney¬†to look out for their best interests, call Payer Law now for more information about your individual case.

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