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Learn About Workers Comp For Injured Livestock Handlers

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Livestock handlers work in a high-risk environment. Anything that can go wrong might go wrong in such an environment. This is why we at Payer Law strongly advise that you ensure that you take up a workers compensation policy to cover you. Despite the countermeasures put in place by your employer, the chances are that some on-job accidents might occur when you least expect it. Livestock handlers in Orlando are at risk of being injured by the very animals they have been hired to care for. In any case that you suffer an injury at your workplace, you can talk to our experienced workers comp attorney Orlando who will help you fight your case and get the best outcome from the whole process.

Must I hire a workers comp attorney in Orlando?

Our straight answer to this question is a yes. The reason is that certain insurers might try to cheat you out of your deserved claim. In some cases, the insurance company and your employer might gang up against you to claim that the accident you suffered was as a result of your negligence. Hiring a workers comp attorney who has dealt with many similar cases will be beneficial because this expert in workers comp law will use his or her experience to argue your case and ensure that you emerge victoriously.

What risks are you exposed to as a livestock handler?

Livestock handlers work in a high-risk environment which exposes them to risks that can result in devastating injuries. These injuries can come from sources such as being kicked by a horse or being run over by a charging bull. So whether you have suffered injury from an on-job accident or you have suffered an injury that has worsened over time, you need not worry. Our workers compensation attorney Orlando will help you get justice in your case . This kind of compensation covers all workers who sustain injuries while working for their employers. Workers’ compensation will enable you to receive compensation which you can use to cover your medical expenses as well a compensate you for your lost wages.

What steps should you take once you suffer an on-job injury?

Upon suffering an injury at your workplace, you need to move with speed and take the following steps:

  1. Seek medical care- You should make sure that your injuries are attended to by a qualified health practitioner who is approved by the Workers’ Compensation Board. The resulting medical bill is usually paid by the employer or his insurance carrier if the claim is not contested.
  1. Notify your employer- You are required by law to notify your employer of the injuries you suffered at work within 30 days in writing of the accident that led to the injuries. A failure to do this may disqualify you from enjoying the benefits that come from workers compensation cover. In case the injuries develop into an occupational disease which leads to a disability, you must inform your employer of this development within two years after suffering the disability.

iii. Fill a workers compensation claim form and deliver it to your nearest workers comp board within two years from the time the accident happened.

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If you suffer an injury while taking care of your employer’s livestock, you need to know that you are entitled to workers compensation. Speak to one of our workers comp attorney at the Payer Law. One of our workers compensation attorney Orlando will take up your case and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

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