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Why Do Planes Keep Crashing In Florida?


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you might’ve noticed that planes seem to be crashing fairly frequently in Florida. This is highly concerning, as it puts a huge number of people at risk. Not only are the pilots and passengers in danger of losing their lives, but average citizens on the ground also face serious hazards. Some planes have crashed into heavily-populated neighborhoods, causing serious concerns for those living there. But why do planes keep crashing in Florida? Perhaps more importantly, can you sue if you are injured in one of these incidents?

Two Men Killed in Broward County Plane Crash 

On October 18th, it was reported that two individuals had lost their lives after a plane crashed in Broward County. The images from the incident clearly show that the plane actually crashed directly into a house in Miramar. The occupants were able to flee to safety after the impact, but this incident highlights a dangerous pattern in Florida. Planes seem to be crashing left, right, and center in this state. Every week, it seems like another plane goes down – putting numerous lives at risk. The occupants of the home stated that they could smell fuel leaking from the plane and became concerned about a possible explosion.

Plane Crashes in Volusia County 

On October 13th, it was reported that a plane had crashed in Volusia County after an engine failure. Fortunately, the pilot was able to direct his aircraft towards a grassy area near the runway. Although the plane was damaged when it slammed into the field, no one was injured. Even though everyone walked away from this crash, it goes to show that these incidents occur on a fairly regular basis in Florida.

One Injured After Single-Engine Plane Crashes in Florida 

On October 9th, it was reported that one person had been injured after a plane crash in Nassau County. The pilot apparently struggled with what authorities are calling an “atmosphere change,” causing a hard landing on a lawn near a private airstrip. One passenger suffered minor injuries, while the pilot was completely uninjured. Again, this was not a particularly serious crash – but consider the dates of all three incidents. They all occurred within a period of 9 days – suggesting that Florida experiences a plane crash roughly once every three days.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Orlando? 

Need help from a skilled Orlando personal injury lawyer? At Payer Law, we know that plane crashes and other accidents pose major risks for average people who are just trying to go about their daily routines. With our assistance, you can take decisive legal action and hold negligent parties accountable for injuries, property damage, and any other issues you might have experienced. Book your consultation today and get started with an effective action plan.


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