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When Can You Sue For An Airbag Injury In Florida


Airbags are designed to save lives, but sometimes they can leave us with tremendous injuries in the process. If you have been injured by an airbag in Florida, you might be wondering when you can sue. Perhaps you’re struggling with expensive medical bills, and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay for your treatment. Maybe your airbag injury has left you unable to work for weeks, months, or even years – leading to thousands and thousands of dollars in missed wages. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to explore your legal options. But can you really get compensated for these injuries?

How Do People Get Injured By Airbags? 

Airbag injuries can occur in a number of different ways. One of the most common issues is a serious head or neck injury caused by the impact of an airbag. While these devices are designed to save lives, they are also designed to inflate at an explosive speed. This can cause airbags to slam into your face, chest, and neck for serious, traumatic injuries.

Another possibility is a burn. Airbags are filled with highly toxic and hot gases. Normal air does not inflate fast enough to protect drivers in the event of an accident, and so different gases must be used instead. Sometimes, airbags get punctured. This can release the hot gas into your face, causing serious burns and perhaps inhalation of toxic gases. Friction burns are another possibility, as airbags can inflate so quickly that they rub across your skin at a fast rate. This can lead to serious, disfiguring burns or even lacerations.

The truth is that all kinds of injuries can be caused by airbags – even ones that you might not expect. For example, an airbag can even knock your teeth out with a direct impact to the mouth area. This might result in serious dental procedures, such as bone grafts, root canals, and implants.

When Can You Sue for Airbag Injuries? 

You can sue for an airbag injury whenever the device fails to protect your safety in the intended manner. Sometimes, airbags inflate randomly when no crash occurs. This may be due to faulty sensors or aging equipment. In other situations, airbags strike individuals and save their lives while causing serious injuries in the process. You are not barred from suing just because an airbag saved your life. Airbags should work as intended, which means that you should walk away from the crash with minimal injuries caused by this safety device.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Florida? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury attorney, look no further than Payer Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs in the Sunshine State, and we know full well how serious airbag injuries can be. With our help, you can assess your legal options and move forward with a sense of confidence and dignity. The truth is that you are fully entitled to compensation if your injuries were caused by a faulty airbag. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.


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