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What to Expect In Personal Injury Lawsuits


If you have unfairly experienced harm as a result of someone else’s negligence, they may be held legally responsible for your injuries. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can receive the compensation you deserve for the pain you have gone through. However, before you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to do research beforehand so you know what to expect.

What Do Personal Injury Lawsuits Accomplish?

If successful, personal injury lawsuits serve to give you financial compensation for any harm you have unfairly experienced. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, property loss, and more. Though it is difficult to put a price on pain, your potential compensation ultimately boils down to the damages you received from the injuries. Many times, the insurance company of the responsible party is in charge of paying you your damages award. If a damages award can not be settled between both parties, the lawsuit will go all the way to trial and a judge will order one themselves.

The Process of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit can be an extensive and sometimes convoluted process. While each case may look different depending on the circumstances, you can roughly expect to follow this model:

  1. Find a lawyer that focuses on personal injury to represent you. Once you schedule a consultation with them, they can help you evaluate your case and the possible compensation you can receive. Come prepared with details of your accident so they can have a clear idea of what to expect.
  2. After a lawyer agrees to take your case, they will file a complaint to start your personal injury lawsuit. Following the complaint is a period of time called discovery. In discovery, all lawyers involved in the personal injury lawsuit will try to find out as much information about the accident as possible. You may be asked to supply information such as your medical records, personal history, and details of the accident.
  3. Once sufficient evidence has been gathered, a motions will be filed to the court. The court will choose to accept or reject the motions. A mediator may also talk to both parties to try to reach a settlement.
  4. If a settlement cannot be reached independent of the court, both parties will go to trial. Through the trial, the jury will come up with an amount that you will be entitled to receive as compensation. Personal injury lawsuits do not normally make it this far however, and settlements are typically reached before the case makes it to a jury.

Looking for a Lawyer to Represent You In Florida?

Injuries can have devastating and lasting effects in your life, so it is vital that you get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury lawsuits can be demanding, and they require the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Understanding of your situation and committed to help, our skilled Orlando personal injury attorneys at Payer Law can provide the assistance you need. To schedule a free consultation with us today, please do not hesitate to contact us at (866) 930-1238.

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