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What Kind Of Cleaning Techniques Can Lead To Slippery Floors?


Cleaning might be one of the less exciting aspects of running a business, but it is also one of the most important. This is especially true when you consider the danger of personal injury lawsuits due to slips and falls. An improperly cleaned floor can be insanely slippery, causing innocent people to lose their footing before crashing to the ground. This can result in hip fractures, traumatic head injuries, and even fatalities. Figuring out whether a business cleaned their floors properly may be a key aspect of your personal injury lawsuit if you have suffered injuries in this manner.

Not Leaving a Wet Floor Sign 

One of the most basic forms of injury prevention is a wet floor sign. Simply leaving a clear, legible sign on a wet floor can save innocent people from a lifetime of injury-related issues. It takes only a few seconds, and there is really no excuse for businesses that fail to stake this simple step. Here’s an example of how serious this misstep can be:

On December 1st, it was reported that a woman had sued Boca Raton Town Center Mall after slipping and falling on a wet floor. The plaintiff apparently saw a driver of a floor-cleaning vehicle as she entered the mall and claims that she witnessed him talking on his cellphone. She also claims that she took note of the fact that she was cleaning the floor in an improper manner, not bothering to cover the entire surface area before moving onto another area of the mall. Crucially, he apparently failed to leave behind a wet floor sign. Upon completing her purchase, the plaintiff exited a mall store and slipped on the “latent liquid that was left on the floor,” suffering permanent bodily injury. She is now suing the property group that represents the mall and a cleaning contractor.

Not Using a Dry Mop after Cleaning and Polishing 

A dry mop should always be the final step after cleaning and polishing. It is essential that employees use a fresh, dry mop instead of simply reusing the same mop they used in the initial cleaning phase. If cleaners reuse the same mop, it causes a layer of grease, soap, and moisture to sit at the top of the surface. This presents a major slip hazard. It is also essential to clean mops thoroughly after each cleaning session to remove any greasy residue. Otherwise, slippery grease and other residue becomes a permanent fixture on the floors.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury attorney, look no further than Payer Law. Over the years, we have assisted numerous injured victims in Florida – including those who have suffered slips and falls. We know that these injuries can be life-changing and traumatic. If businesses fail to keep their floors safe, they should be held accountable. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan and pursue the compensation you need and deserve.


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