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Wet Weather Increases Risk Of Motorcycle Accidents In Orlando


With our tropical environment, periods of heavy rain and tropical storms are a serious risk throughout the summer months in Florida. Unfortunately, September and October can be active as well, with some of the worst hurricanes hitting during this time in recent years. In Orlando, we may not face the same level of risk as our coastal neighbors, but wet road conditions can still jeopardize local drivers. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable. Our Orlando motorcycle accident attorney explains more about potential hazards and offers tips for motorcyclists to protect themselves.

Know The Risks When Riding In Wet, Rainy Weather

The Atlantic hurricane season begins in May and extends throughout November. While summer has traditionally been the busiest time for tropical storms, there has been a steady increase in hurricanes along both coasts of Florida during the early fall months in recent years. Hurricane Ian, poised to impact Tampa, is the latest example.

These storms usually bring heavy rains and the chance for flash flooding to Orlando. This creates serious risks for motorists, particularly motorcyclists. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), rainy, wet conditions in roughly 20 percent of all crashes that happen each year. Dangerous conditions that can make motorcycle accidents in Orlando more likely to happen include:

  • Decreased tire traction due to any amount of water on the road;
  • Limited visibility due to pouring rain or headlight glare;
  • Unexpected changes in traffic conditions, such as sudden stops or road closures;
  • Reduced brake function and greater potential for skidding, making it more difficult to respond to unexpected events. 

Protect Yourself When Riding In The Rain

Many Orlando residents rely on motorcycles as both a fun hobby and a primary means of transportation. It is best to avoid riding completely during any type of inclement weather event and to take precautions on wet roads in the aftermath. If you must go out, follow these tips from the experts at Cycle World:

  • Wear a helmet: Helmets save lives. Leave your visor down to prevent moisture from getting in and impairing your vision. Also, leave tinted visors at home.
  • Avoid sudden moves: Ease up with the throttle and instead aim for the smoothest ride possible. Newer motorcycles may even include a rain mode, which automatically reduces power.
  • Give other drivers plenty of space: Avoid tailgating or other aggressive behaviors and be particularly cautious when approaching intersections.
  • Remain alert at all times: Avoid distractions and be alert for unexpected stops or other dangerous conditions.

Keep in mind too that when riding, it is impossible to determine the depth of puddles. All motorists are encouraged to follow the adage “turn around and don’t drown”.

Injured In A Crash? Consult With Our Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents in Orlando can result in devastating personal injuries. When the actions of other road users are to blame, you can count on Payer Law to help you hold them accountable.  To request a consultation with our experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney, call or contact our office online today.


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