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How Insurance Handles An Uber Car Accident

uber car accident in orlando

In 2018, who is still standing on a street corner waving own that rare yellow cab when they can command a car to their exact location? Thanks to rideshare technology as well as the advancement of smartphones, people are much more likely to request Uber or Lyft. Rideshare systems have made our lives so much easier, as well as reduced drunk driving statistics. However, uber/lyft drivers are not infallible and thus when the unexpected occurs and you get into a highly unfortunate accident, the repercussions can be horrifying. You chose to use a rideshare so you don’t have to think about where you’re going or how to get there. So you probably don’t know what to do. You’re probably thinking, how does your insurance carrier deal with it? Just about anyone can become a driver for these ridesaharing companies, meaning it is difficult to ensure safety for rideshare passengers.Even with stringent security measures, you are ultimately trusting your life to a stranger. If you are involved in an uber car accident, call an Orlando car accident lawyer that people trust. Contact Payer Law today for a free consultation about your personal injury lawsuit.

Rideshare Accident Policies

If you are rideshare driving and you cause a car accident where you are at fault, you’ll have to bear the most financial responsibility. When it comes to collision insurance, yes it will cover damages to your vehicle from the car crash. But that type of insurance will not cover any damages to their vehicle or any others involved. Thus, you will not only have to pay the deductible for collision insurance, but in terms of liability, your policy will cover damages that were made to other motorized vehicles which were involved in the incident. It will also cover people who were part of the accident as well as any property damaged in the process. For example, if you hit a mailbox, Payer Law as your Orlando car accident lawyer will help you  make sure that it is covered under your liability insurance policy. The liability portion also covers people who were injured in your vehicle who are not immediate family members. Moreover, there is no deductible for these liability claims that you need to pay. Medical insurance, however, covers yourself only if you’re injured in the accident as well as any other passengers in your car for medical costs.

What Happens If You’re In an Uber Car Accident?

However, picture the opposite situation where another rideshare driver who caused the accident is clearly at fault. Coverages will be utilized in different ways in this scenario. Your collision coverage is different if the other driver and you did not cause the accident, meaning that collision coverage from your insurance will only be used until they receive payment from the at fault driver’s insurance.

Collision coverage from your insurance is going to be the one that is utilized until the insurance company receives payment from the at fault driver’s insurance. You may be liable to a deductible until the at fault insurance pays what they owe for medical coverage and other damages, but that isn’t a lot of money, and you and your passengers should be covered until the at fault driver’s insurance owes up for everything.

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An uber car accident can be very complex and riddled with red tape, so you’ll want to call a top Orlando car accident lawyer like Payer Law. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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