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Types of Negligence in a Motorcycle Accident Orlando Lawyers Come Across

Motorcycle Accident Orlando Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents have some similar characteristics when compared with car accidents. One of the characteristics is that they can be caused by negligence. The negligence can be linked to the rider, the driver or any other person who uses the road. Here is a list of common negligence that can cause a motorcycle accident Orlando.

Failing to observe the right speed

Most motorcycle riders feel the rush and excitement when on the wheels. They don’t know that this is the beginning of a disaster. According to statistics, more than 35 percent of motorcycle accidents occur due to speeding. Going beyond the recommended speed puts you at a higher risk of losing control and not seeing obstacles. Personal injury lawyers often have a hard time trying to convince the jury that the accident did not occur out of your negligence but due to the fault of the other motorist.

Driving under the influence

According to experts from Payer Law, driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances is a common case of negligence that results in a motorcycle accident Orlando. Drugs and alcohol impair your cognitive ability. You cannot make the right decisions or react to emergencies while on the road. The result can be a serious motorcycle accident. A personal injury lawyer will have to rely on the outcome of the DUI criminal case before he makes a move. The lawyer can then take the next step if the judge rules out that the other driver is guilty.

Failing to check blind spots

Some motorcycle accidents occur when drivers fail to see the rider. It is the duty of every motorist to reduce his speed or stop and check the blind spots for any vehicle, pedestrian or motorcycle. It will be considered an act of negligence if you and the driver do not follow this protocol. A lawyer will have to prove that the driver indeed did not check the blind spot when he hit you. It is imperative you check the blind spots when riding, especially if there are parked cars in front.

Pulling out in front of the rider

A driver should indicate when he plans to pull out and give the motorists behind him enough time to slow down. This is usually not a common habit for most drivers in Orlando. Most of them pull out suddenly without warning. This can cause a serious collision between the rider and the car. In this case, a lawyer will have to prove that indeed the driver pulled out without notifying the rider. The attorney may require a surveillance footage and personal accounts of witnesses to make a strong case.


Motorists are required to keep a distance from the vehicle in front. The distance is important because it gives you enough time to break in case of an emergency. Most people love to tailgate while on the road. This can cause a serious motorcycle accident since you lack enough time to react when the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

All these cases of negligence can have an impact on your claim. You need to tell the lawyer all the circumstances that led to the accident so that he can prepare adequately for the case. Experts from Payer Law usually advise motorcycle accident victims to notify their lawyers immediately the accident occurs to avoid future complications.  Give them a call today to begin the process.

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