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Truck Collision? Call an Auto Accident Attorney Orlando Locals Trust

auto accident attorney Orlando

Truck accidents are some of the most severe auto accidents that can occur. The damage is significant and injury or death is much more likely when a truck is involved. Your first step after having an auto accident involving a truck should be to call an auto accident attorney Orlando residents trust.

Payer Law is experienced in handling truck accidents. They understand the state and federal laws, guidelines, and requirements of trucking companies. These laws are in place to protect you before, during, and after an accident.

How Truck Accidents Are Different from Auto Accidents

Trucks are heavy, commercial equipment, and weigh several tons. When a truck collides with a much smaller passenger vehicle, there is very little to protect the automobile’s occupants. This results in more serious accidents and injuries.

When an accident occurs, it is not a simple case where the driver is responsible. There are many entities that share responsibility in the event of a truck accident. The driver may not be at fault, depending on whether the company he or she works for maintained the vehicle properly and followed applicable laws.

The Weight of the Truck

As a result of their weight, trucks cannot maneuver around vehicles that may cross in front of them and may not be able to stop. The weight of the truck’s contents carries the momentum forward, even after applying the brakes. This can easily result in an accident.

Blind Spots

Trucks have large blind spots. If a car is in the lane beside a truck, the driver might not be able to see the vehicle. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to merge into other vehicles. In some cases, the passenger vehicle may become trapped between the truck and guardrail, causing more serious damage and injury.

Driver Fatigue

There are laws in place to ensure drivers receive enough rest before returning to the road. Driver fatigue occurs as a result of long hours on the road with little rest. A driver that is tired is not as alert as one that is well rested.

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure that their drivers are receiving enough rest. Failure to ensure drivers receive enough rest presents a greater risk of a driver having an accident.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials can escape a truck’s tank during a truck accident. This can impact the amount of damage caused by an accident and the danger for others at the scene of the accident. Hazardous materials can cause burns, lung damage, and other serious issues when it is spilled.

A trucking company is responsible for ensuring its drivers meet federal guidelines for carrying hazardous materials. These laws and guidelines are set in place to protect people, property, and the environment in the event of an accident.

Delays May Occur

Delays resulting from complex laws may prevent you from receiving the care necessary to your recovery. It is important to hire an auto accident attorney Orlando residents know and trust to represent you in such a case.

Payer Law understands local and national trucking laws. This is exceptionally important when the crash takes place in Orlando. They will ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover from your truck accident.

Feel free to contact us for further questions or concerns.

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