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Paying Attention to Trucking Laws Could Save a Life

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Laws and regulations are put in place for a reason. It is important for drivers, especially those operating large vehicles, to abide by these rules and regulations in order to promote safety on the highways. There are certain laws, rules, and regulations devised by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the United States. The FMCSA is also in charge of trucking laws and regulations in order to make the roads of the United States safer. The reason for these laws is to reduce truck accidents and to preserve the safety of all vehicles, drivers, and passengers on the road. If you are involved in a truck accident and are looking for an Orlando truck accident lawyer, Payer Law is one of the top truck accident law firms in the area. Call us today for a free initial consultation!

Laws Truck Drivers Need To Follow

The FMCSA has designed Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations to list all the laws and regulations that the entire United States trucking industry is governed by. There are several crucial parts of this code that truck drivers must follow. One of these are licensing requirements- part 383 lists licensing requirements for truck drivers and also the penalties that will be incurred if the requirement are not followed. This means that truck drivers must only have one driver’s license issued to them by their home state, and the license can be issued to the truck drivers only after they pass the necessary knowledge and skill tests. Additional tests will also be implemented for carriers of hazardous materials. There are also special training and physical requirements which state that truck drivers necessitate special training and are required to pass a physical exam every two years. If they fail the physical exam, their license can be suspended. Moreover, no truck driver is allowed to be on the job with a blood alcohol level of 0.02 or more, and are not allowed to carry any alcohol with them while driving unless it is part of their cargo. These requirements also extend to 8 hours before a driving shift.

One of The Top Truck Accident Firms

If you are involved in a truck accident, you should be informed about truck laws in order to figure out where the liability of the accident lies if you file with an Orlando truck accident lawyer. Truck drivers are required to follow strict guidelines in order to be licensed, as large vehicles can cause a lot of damage when handled improperly. These rules include required vehicle markings, as all trucks must display certain markings on their vehicle, including their USDOT number and Hazmat markings. There are many USDOT safety rules that trucking companies must comply with, including unfit carrier rules, hours of service logbook rules for companies, hazardous material regulations and how to comply with them, and State Hazmat permission and registration procedures, etc.

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Payer Law is an Orlando truck accident lawyer who can help you with your case. As one of the top truck accident law firms in the area, we are experienced in dealing with cases where truck drivers are not complying fully with the necessary laws. Call us today for your initial consultation!

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