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City Sidewalk Defects & Pedestrian Accidents

trip and fall in Orlando

A trip and fall on a sidewalk because of a defect is never just your fault. It is always the responsibility of the party in charge of maintaining that sidewalk and as a result, you are entitled to compensation for any injuries you may have sustained. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an Orlando personal injury attorney about counsel and how you can begin a case against the responsible party. Contact Payer Law for more information.

How a sidewalk defect can cause a pedestrian accident

A number of things can cause a pedestrian accident so it is no surprise that pedestrian accidents are so frequent. Anything as simple as an uneven segment, where a piece of sidewalk is unevenly laid against another piece, can cause a trip and fall. In fact, even when tree roots are left to grow uncontrolled, the tree roots can cause damage to the sidewalk through cracking and cause accidents. Other things can cause sidewalks to crack, such as disintegration, or exposed infrastructure that should be covered. All these things are the responsibility of the sidewalk owner to maintain and as a result it is their responsibility if anything happens.

While it could be argued that it is your responsibility to pay attention to your surroundings, this is not always the case with every circumstance. If something were to happen to a child or a disabled person due to a poorly maintained sidewalk, the argument that they should’ve just watched out is insensitive. For this reason, you should not accept this type of excuse if it is presented to you. Consulting a lawyer can help you prepare yourself against this kind of negative response.

Trip and fall claims

Filing a trip and fall claim with a lawyer can be very beneficial for you, especially if you’ve sustained serious injuries as a result of your fall. If you have medical bills or you required surgery and time off work, then you can seek compensation from the responsible party for your injury.

There will always be someone who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks. This can be anyone from the person who owns the property where the sidewalk is located to the government who controls the maintenance of the city. Regardless, someone is required to keep the sidewalks safe for pedestrians. As a result, if something occurs, they are the ones to be held liable. Holding these people responsible for their negligence not only guarantees that you are sought recompense but will also help prevent future accidents for others. Contact an Orlando personal injury attorney for more information about how you can file a claim for your pedestrian accident.

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If you suffer from injuries due to a trip and fall on a sidewalk, defects in the sidewalk may been the cause. If that is the case, then you may able to file a case against the party responsible for maintaining the sidewalk for negligence. Contact Payer Law, an Orlando personal injury attorney, for more information.

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