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Traffic Safety In Orlando


All across the United States, automobiles afford citizens a level of freedom and adventure that previous generations simply could never dream of.  When getting behind the wheel for the first time, many new drivers envision escaping to the open road, bounding along on a road trip with friends.  However, as time goes on, many individuals come to see driving as a necessary evil, getting them to work and other obligations while also being a constant source of potential personal injury risk due to accidents and negligent drivers on the road.

In 2020, data from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) indicated that Orange County logged over 12,000 criminal traffic citations and an astounding 125, 838 non-criminal (moving) citations.  While the data does not report specifically the number of personal injury reports that occur as a result of these traffic violations, it stands to reason that there is a significant concern for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else who interacts with the traffic system in Orlando and the greater Orange County.

To combat this growing issue of traffic safety and personal injury risk, MetroPlan Orlando has created initiatives to address traffic safety at each stage of the urban planning process.  As part of their vision, they aim to partner with stakeholders involved at every level of the traffic safety and incident response framework.

When an automobile accident occurs and personal injury results, victims are likely going to want to understand how they can use the legal system to recover compensation for damages received.  To successfully achieve this goal, many victims need the support and guidance of an experienced local personal injury attorney in their area.

By working with a personal injury attorney, accident victims will be given unique and critical insight into the legal process by which they can attempt to receive payment for their damages and suffering.  A major component of this process is determining whether or not the other parties involved in the accident were acting in a negligent manner in the events leading up to the incident.

In order to successfully prove negligent behavior, it is important to understand the safety guidelines present in various forms of traffic conditions.  Therefore, this article aims to provide some general information and safety tips in accordance with MetroPlan Orlando’s documentation.

Safety Tips 

It is important to be aware of pedestrians at all times.  When travelling through school zones or areas where children may be playing, it is important to be mindful of your speed and be aware of any sign of activity around your vehicle.

Do not rush to pass a cyclist.  Take care to give them enough space, and never attempt to pass a cyclist when you are both entering a blind curve.  Always check your rearview mirrors before exiting a parked vehicle to check that a cyclist is not approaching.

When to Contact an Attorney 

When traffic accidents occur and personal injury results, victims need sound legal counsel in order to successfully navigate the civil litigation process.  Contact the skilled Orlando car accident attorneys at Payer Law today for help with your case.


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