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Top Qualities In A Personal Injury Attorney


When drivers in Orlando and throughout Florida are involved in an accident where they incur personal injury as a result, they are likely going to want to know their rights to legal action.  After all, between medical bills, lost income due to short term disability, and other costs involved with an accident, victims can quickly feel that they are in over their head.

For these reasons, many victims choose to employ the services of an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney.  These seasoned professionals help their clients build a case that can show the other driver(s) involved in an accident were acting negligently, and it was due to this negligence that you as the plaintiff suffered personal injury.

As the plaintiff, your chances of being awarded compensation for damages hinges on a few key factors.  Among these factors are the comparative negligence of each party as determined by Florida law, the severity of your injuries, and the quality of your personal injury attorney’s services.

While you may not be able to do much about the first two factors after an accident occurs, you certainly have some agency over who you choose to hire as your personal injury attorney.  Because the quality of service of personal injury attorneys can vary, read on to discover the top qualities Orlando drivers should look for when hiring legal counsel.

Regular Availability 

Personal injury attorneys in major metropolitan areas are understandably very busy individuals, and it may not be reasonable to expect every single phone call to be answered on the first ring.  However, a good personal injury attorney knows how to maintain regular communication with their clients, and organizes their schedules to allow for these lines of communication to stay open.

Professional Demeanor 

In order to win you the compensation you deserve, your personal injury attorney must be able to present your case to the judge and jury and explain why it is reasonable to see that you were not at fault for the events leading to your injury.  To accomplish this, your attorney must maintain a professional presence in the courtroom as well as any outside interactions with members of the trial and legal proceedings.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references or check for reviews online when looking for the right personal injury attorney for you.

Winning Track Record 

While newer personal injury firms are not inherently to be avoided (everyone needs their first client from somewhere, after all), it is likely in your best interest to find a personal injury attorney with a track record of winning cases for clients.  Ask for a recent performance history or check around online to get a sense of how successful the firm is likely to be in regards to your individual case.

Why Payer Law?

For quality service and a winning track record backed by three decades of experience, contact Payer Law. We are eager to assist you throughout your case.


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