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The Most Dangerous Jobs In America: What Florida Residents Should Know


With any job, there is some degree of risk involved.  In today’s digital era, however, millions of Americans take for granted the relative comfort and safety that white collar jobs provide.  That being said, there are many jobs where the risk of personal injury goes up exponentially compared to others.  In these kinds of jobs, claims for workers’ compensation are common.

Many of the most dangerous jobs are based on manual labor industries such as construction and outdoor maintenance.  Because of Florida’s warm climate, these types of jobs are present year-round, leading to increased risk of injury or death.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains records of annually reported fatal work injuries and rates per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers.  Information reported in this article is based on BLS data from 2019, the most recent year that statistics could be located.

Read on to discover the most dangerous jobs in America.

Fishing and Hunting Workers 

Fishing and hunting workers face the greatest threat to safety, according to BLS data.  In 2019, these occupations had 145 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers.  The hazards in these occupations are plentiful, and include prolonged periods of time in the wilderness as well as gun safety hazards for hunting workers and drowning risks for fishing workers.  Taken together, these occupations pose a significant risk of personal injury.

Logging Workers 

The logging industry is the next most dangerous job according to 2019 BLS data, with a fatal work injury rate of 68.9 per 100,000 workers.  Safety hazards abound in this profession, including working in close proximity to saw blades and other heavy machinery as well as the risk of a tree falling in the wrong direction.  As the risk of injury is high in this profession, so are the number of workers’ compensation claims filed each year.

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers 

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers are the third most dangerous job in America according to BLS data, with a fatal injury rate of 61.8 per 100,000 workers.  While commercial airline pilots enjoy a safe working environment, this is not the case for operators of other types of aircraft, including military aircraft and smaller, more independent aircraft operators.  Additionally, the need to test new engineering innovations with real pilots constitutes a significant safety risk.


Roofers experience such a degree of safety risk that they require their own category apart from general construction trades.  According to 2019 BLS data, roofers had a fatal injury rate of 54.0 per 100,000 workers.  The risks associated with this profession should seem fairly obvious.  Any time a worker is on a roof, there is the risk of a fall.

Even though safety harnesses and other precautions are standard, accidents do happen, especially in slippery conditions.  The risk of personal injury in this profession is one of the primary reasons that roofers are among the least satisfied workers in America.

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