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The Dangers Of Driver Fatigue In Florida


Driver fatigue is one of the most underrated hazards for drivers on Florida highways. While drunk drivers get most of the attention in discussions about negligence, driving while sleep-deprived can be just as dangerous – in some cases more so. But what exactly is driver fatigue? What makes this so dangerous? What is the science behind this hazardous behavior, and how exactly is a driver’s ability impaired by sleep deprivation? If you’ve already suffered an injury due to a sleep-deprived driver, you’re undoubtedly aware of these dangers. In your situation, it might be best to file a personal injury lawsuit and recover compensation for your damages.

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Just as Bad as Driving Drunk 

The statistics surrounding sleep deprivation are astounding. Studies have shown that even low levels of sleep deprivation – such as being awake for 18 hours – can produce the same effects as low-level intoxication. If you stay awake for more than 12 hours, you start to exhibit the same symptoms and behaviors as someone who is over the legal limit for alcohol consumption. This means that staying awake for more than 24 hours can be just as dangerous as having a BAC level of over 0.08% when behind the wheel.

In the same way as alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation can affect your reaction times, judgment, and reflexes. More importantly, you run the risk of dozing off behind the wheel – which can cause tremendous injuries to you and everyone else on the road. According to some studies, sleep deprivation produced a greater degree of impairment compared to alcohol intoxication.

Drowsy driving is responsible for about 20% of all fatal crashes. While not everyone drinks heavily, almost everyone knows what it feels like to miss out on sleep due to work or parenting responsibilities. And everyone is aware of how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel in a sleep-deprived state – or at least they should be.

Suing for Crashes Caused by Sleep Deprivation 

Sleep deprivation and drowsy driving is indeed a sign of negligence. The issue is proving that someone was sleep deprived at the time of the crash. While testing for alcohol consumption is easy thanks to devices like the Breathalyzer, the same cannot be said for sleep deprivation. Because of this, you need to team up with a qualified lawyer who can use effective investigation techniques and solid evidence to prove that sleep-deprived drivers were negligent in causing your crash.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer, look no further than Payer Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs pursue positive results. We know that sleep deprivation is one of the most dangerous hazards on Florida roads, and you deserve to hold negligent drivers accountable for getting behind the wheel without enough rest. Book your consultation today, and we can discuss the best course of legal action based on your specific circumstances.


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