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Staying Safe As a Pedestrian in Florida


Pedestrians refer to any people that travel on foot, roller skates, skateboards, or wheelchairs. Because pedestrians are not as heavily protected as other vehicles on the road, they are at risk of facing more serious injuries when accidents occur. Especially as vehicles such as cars, buses, and motorcycles are becoming more common, pedestrians are now at greater risk of getting into a major accident than before. As a pedestrian, it is vital to be well informed on the potential risks you face at all times. In this article, we will detail tips and information that emphasizes the importance of staying safe as a pedestrian.

How Dangerous Is Being a Pedestrian?

Although it may seem unlikely, pedestrian fatalities are at an all time high. In 2018, there was an approximate 3% increase in the amount of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes. Furthermore, research shows that in 2017, a pedestrian was killed every 88 minutes due to traffic crashes.

Evidently, pedestrian safety is an imminent danger and utmost concern that everyone should have.

Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Although being a pedestrian may seem dangerous, there are some precautions you can take to ensure safety. Some recommended safety measures include:

  • Staying Visible: Visibility as a pedestrian can help prevent cars from pedestrian crashes. Wearing reflective clothing or even holding a flashlight can lower the chances of an accident from occurring.
  • Properly Following Traffic Laws: It is important to cross streets or intersections only at designated locations. Ignoring established traffic laws is not only extremely dangerous for yourself, but the drivers around you as well. Also,
  • Staying Sober: Intoxication can impair both your coordination and judgement, causing you to be a danger to the public. While traveling as a pedestrian, it is important to stay sober so you can pay proper attention to your surroundings.
  • Keeping Alert and Undistracted: It is important to avoid distractions while walking in public. Simple actions such as wearing ear-buds or using your phone can be dangerous because it diverts your attention from your safety and surroundings. Your phone can impair your ability to make smart decisions such as calculating distances in traffic and walking at a reasonable pace.
  • Putting Too Much Trust In Drivers Around You: Never assume that the drivers on the road beside you are going to give you the right away. You never know if the driver is intoxicated, distracted, negligent, or overly aggressive. Though cars are legally obliged to watch out for pedestrians, it is still important to stay cautious and doubtful of the drivers around you.

Have You Been Injured As a Pedestrian? 

If you have been wrongfully injured as a pedestrian, our team at Payer Law understands how stressful the situation can be for you. From physical pain to the incessant legal paperwork, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with various burdens. While this situation may undoubtedly be difficult for you, it is important to remember that your problems are not completely irresolvable. By enlisting in the help of an experienced Orlando pedestrian accident lawyer, you can relieve your legal burdens and receive monetary compensation for all the damages you have experienced. If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation with us, please do not hesitate to give our office a call at (866) 930-1238 today.



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