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Spouse Killed in a Car Accident? What Steps to Take Next


Annually, there has been an average of 6.7 million car accidents in the United States. Among these accidents, over 30,000 crashes a year have resulted in fatalities for the past decade. Evidently, a bad car accident is hardly uncommon in our status quo. While there are many precautions you can take to ensure your safety while driving, a motor vehicle can still function as a deadly contraption.

If your spouse has lost their life due to a tragic car accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Though nothing will ever take away the pain from losing a loved one, you can receive money for the pain and suffering you encounter. If you are interested in getting compensation for an accident that your late spouse was involved in, this article will guide you through the step by step process you will likely take.

Contact an Attorney

If you are looking to get compensation, it is important that you have a skilled lawyer to help you through the process from the start. In order to file a wrongful death claim, you will need to undergo a grueling process and collect an extensive amount of evidence. By having a lawyer by your side, you can ease your burdens for they can take over the legal aspects of your case.

Collect As Much Evidence As Possible

For a successful wrongful death claim, you will be expected to supply proof that the opposing party was negligent. Thus, it is helpful to have as much detail from the accident as possible. Videos, pictures, witnesses, and medical bills can all serve as evidence in your case.

Be Wary of Communication with Insurance Companies

It is important that you notify your insurance agent about the fatal accident as soon as possible. Additionally, the insurance company of the other driver in the accident may also attempt to contact you. In this instance, you must stay firm and refuse to make any recorded statements. Though they will likely sound sympathetic, standing your ground and refusing to make recorded statements will help your legal case in the long run.

File a Wrongful Death Suit

A wrongful death suit is filed when an individual loses their life due to the negligence of another party. The point of the lawsuit is to provide compensation for losses that a survivor might undergo. However, before you go to trial, the insurance company may attempt to reach a settlement with you instead. Insurance companies often lowball people so it is important to stand your ground and be aware of how much compensation you deserve. If the compensation they offer is not close to being enough, you should proceed to trial with a lawyer.

Searching for a Personal Injury Attorney?

Dealing with a wrongful death suit is an incredibly taxing process that even experienced lawyers may find complex. In an already stressful time, our team at Payer Law doesn’t want you to feel alone. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers can help you file your claim for a loved one. To schedule a free consultation with us today, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-930-1238.



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