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What If Someone Drives Away After a Pedestrian Is Hit?

Hit And Run Attorney in Orlando

There is no way around the fact that car accidents happen, which makes having a good car accident lawyer Orlando residents trust vital. Furthermore, many of these accidents are hit and runs, making a hit and run attorney like the kind you can find at Payer Law pretty important. A lawyer that specializes in these types of cases should help ensure that you get proper compensation after this ordeal. This is especially important because filing this type of claim is complex.

Obtaining Compensation

Filing a claim is necessary because of all the expenses that an accident like this could cause. Filing and winning a claim can help a person pay for things like medical expenses, lost wages, disability benefits, and even future loss of income should the victim be incapacitated for a while. The kind of things that a pedestrian is entitled to make hiring a good hit and run attorney important because losing would really hurt the victim.

A good car accident lawyer Orlando residents reccomend, like the ones provided by Payer Law should help ensure that each detail is filed correctly. It might seem silly, but even establishing that the victim was a lawful pedestrian can be tricky. The hit and run attorney also needs to establish that the car that hit you was at fault. Yes, the car took off, and that is a violation, but the cause of the accident still needs to be established.

The lawyer is going to help gather evidence and recreate the accident. The lawyer will also help interview witnesses in order to find a way to get the most compensation available.

Who Pays Now?

Yes, a good car accident lawyer Orlando locals turn to is going to be able to deal with expenses that might accumulate later on, but the expenses that people deal with immediately after an accident is a different story.

Most of the time, the pedestrian’s PIP or Personal Injury Protection is the insurance that pays for some initial medical bills. This insurance only covers up to $10,000 towards medical bills or lost wages. A person that does not have a car or is uninsured will have to use the insurance benefits of a relative the person’s lives with or a spouse.

Another way that victims could get help is by applying for the Crimes Compensation Trust Fund. This fund is maintained through fines collected from criminals, including individuals who have hit pedestrians or other car owners and ran. This fund may help with medical expenses and monetary compensation. Applying for this is complex, so it is best to talk to a professional to make sure no mistakes are made.

There is a chance that the culprit of this accident may be found, or this person might actually turn him or herself in later on. A whole new set of issues may have to be considered should this happen, but having a good lawyer on your side should make this a bit simpler for you. Of course, the driver may not be found, but your lawyer should be able to use some of the available avenues to make sure that you are taken care of.

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