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Slip & Fall At A Nightclub | Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Orlando FL Personal Injury Attorney Slip And Fall nightclub

Slipping and falling in an Orlando nightclub can be a devastating experience. It can hurt your pride, your health and your financial standings while you are home trying to heal your tailbone. Fortunately, there is something you can do if you have been victimized in this way at one of Orlando’s nightclubs. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injury. Here is a little bit of information about personal injury cases, how they work and what time frame you can expect for resolving such cases. An Orlando FL Personal Injury Attorney at the Payer Law is the person who can assist you.

Are You a Victim?

Slip-and-fall incidents almost always have something to do with neglect. Usually, victims fall because of something slippery or wet on the floor. In a business establishment such as a nightclub, the owner is responsible for ensuring that guests don’t fall down on spills, food particles, condiments and the like. Any time a patron falls because of something like that, the establishment is susceptible to personal injury suits.

A personal injury is an injury that occurs because of the neglect of another party. Payer Law can guide you on how to handle a case based on neglect. You still have a good chance at obtaining compensation even if you are partially responsible for your fall. Florida is a state that exercises percentage of fault rules in its personal injury cases. That means that you can still get money even if you are partially at fault for the incident. You will just have a portion of the settlement removed before you receive your check.

Time Frame for Personal Injury Cases

It’s hard to say how long a personal injury case will take when it’s a slip and fall. It depends on the skill level of the Orlando FL Personal Injury Attorney and his level of aggressiveness. About 70 percent of personal injury cases never see a judge or a jury of any kind. Attorneys like the ones at Payer Law will fight aggressively for you, take it to trial, and represent you to their fullest capacity in order to ensure you obtain the compensation necessary. An out-of-court settlement process can be finished within only a few weeks. A full blown case can take months or years. These are option that your attorney will discuss with you and showcase the pro’s and con’s.

An Orlando FL personal injury lawyer at Payer Law can hear the case and let you know what your options are. You can schedule a consultation by calling them at 866-930-1238 or completing a short form on our contact page. There will be no fees unless we win your case. That’s how confident the attorneys at this firm are in their abilities. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation. Instead, you have a whole lot to gain by calling this group. Don’t wait another minute and let your bills pile up any longer.

If you are facing a personal injury, call us at 866-930-1238 or visit our website

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