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Returning to Work After Worker’s Compensation Is Granted

Our attorney discusses returning to work after workers comp

If you have been injured on the job, the first thing you want to do, just like in an injury case, is see a doctor right away. Not only for the purpose of making sure you are OK and heal properly, but also because the sooner you see a doctor, the better the chance is of you obtaining compensation for your injury. Questions always arise when it comes to worker’s compensation claims. A common question we are asked is, “Can I receive worker’s compensation after a work injury?” Our lawyers at Payer Law talk about returning to work after workers comp after you have been out of work and your employer has honored your worker’s compensation claim.

Returning To Work After Worker’s Comp

Here are a few questions we tend to hear quite frequently when people are curious about returning to work after workers comp:

  • “What will happen to my worker’s compensation benefits when I return to work?”- This can depend on a number of things, such as your earnings before your injury. If your new wages have decreased because of your disability, you can use part of your benefit to make up for lost or decreased wages.
  • “Can I still obtain medical treatment from a work accident after I return to work?”- The answer is yes. You may also be paid for travel costs and treatment. You may also receive compensation for other medical expenses.
  • “After I return to work, can I still be paid for time off that is related to my work injury?”- Yes, you can still receive worker’s comp benefits. And, if you are absent from work due to your injury, this is considered “Intermittent Lost Time.” Make sure you inform your employer and insurance company of these days off.
  • “Does my employer have to keep my job open for me while I am out due to work related injuries?”- The Workers’ Compensation Law does not require your employer to keep your job position open for your return to work, although most employers will take injured employees back.

Can I File A Claim?

If you have been injured at work, you need to file a worker’s compensation claim immediately. You should be paid for your time off if you have a work-related injury. Most employers will have a written contract with worker’s compensation laws included, but if your employer does not want to grant you paid time off, you need to contact our worker’s compensation lawyer to discuss opening a case.

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When you have returned to work after an injury obtained from your job, you do have a right to receive worker’s compensation benefits. Any time you need to take off of work due to your work-related injuries, you should be paid for. If you are having a hard time receiving your benefits from your employer, contact our worker’s compensation attorney at Payer Law to discuss returning to work after workers comp. Call us at 407-307-2979 or visit our website!

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