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What To Do If You Were Hit By Someone Driving A Rental Car

rental car accident in Orlando

If you live in Florida then you know that a rental car accident is an all-too-real possibility. Rental cars are everywhere on the roads wherever there are tourists and even in the smallest, least tourist-packed places are at risk of having a rental car crash. That is why it is so important that you be prepared in the event of an accident with a rental car. To learn more about rental car accidents and how they can impact you, contact Payer Law, the auto accident attorney Orlando trusts, to speak with an expert.

Is a rental car accident different than a regular car accident?

In a state where tourism is frequent, you can expect that there will be a lot of traffic. The other thing that you can expect is that a good number of the cars on the road at any given time will be rental cars. As the tourism industry expands and grows, so too do the number of tourists which means an increase in the chances for a rental car accident.

However, how is a rental car accident different than any other car accident? Is there a difference? The short answer is yes. When you get into a rental car accident, the person driving the rental car has to pay for your damages and injuries from their personal car insurance. If, after that has been exhausted, you still have expenses, then they can use $10,000 granted to them by the rental car company. However, this $10,000 is only utilized as secondary insurance. If they don’t have personal car insurance to begin with, then this would be their only source of insurance.

What do you do when it happens?

This makes dealing with a rental car accident a bit more difficult than dealing with a regular car accident. It means you have to navigate not only dealing with the driver of the vehicle themselves but the rental car company as well as the insurance company of both the driver and the additional insurance you may get from the rental car company. It is a lot to deal with all on your own, so a lawyer will be your best bet to getting through it all without forgetting anything.

In Orlando, where the tourism industry is particularly vibrant with the presence of multiple theme parks and dozens of outlets, rental car accidents are all too prevalent. Thankfully, Payer Law can help you handle your rental car accident. They are an auto accident attorney Orlando residents recommend to help them handle their rental car accidents.

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When you get into a car accident, it is already a traumatizing event. The last thing you need to is to sort through figuring out a rental car accident. Because rental cars have additional complexities that regular cars do not have, you have added things you have to do. Don’t go through them alone. Get an expert to help. Payer Law, an auto accident attorney Orlando residents turn to for help, can get you the assistance you need.

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