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Read Auto Death Stats From An Auto Accident Attorney Orlando!

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Be Careful On The Road

Traveling on the road is always dangerous. Although most people do it on a daily basis as they travel back and forth to work, driving in any conditions can be harmful. Even if the sun is shining bright, there are still other cars on the road that can put you at risk of being involved in a car accident. No matter how cautiously you drive, someone on the road may not be taking the same measures. You should be aware that any driver can be in an auto accident any time of day and in any weather condition. Always stay safe and make sure you are paying attention to the road. While some car accidents are minor, there are unfortunate accidents that are fatal. An auto accident attorney Orlando residents rely on at the Payer Law can discuss the death statistics of drivers.

Death Stats

The dangers of driving on the road are very real and are becoming more and more vital to pay attention to. With the world evolving into a technology based society, people are always using their phones, even when they are driving. An auto accident attorney Orlando residents trust warns that texting and driving is against the law in many states but this does not stop most people. Texting and driving can result in a fatal accident and change your life forever. We see a lot of texting and driving today, especially with millennials because they grew up with using technology. If you are driving next to someone who is texting, you should move over when it is safe as an extra precaution.

In the United States in 2015, there were a total of 35,092 auto accidents that resulted in death and 32,166 car accidents overall. This means that there were almost 11 deaths per every 100,000 people. This may not seem like a large number but this is just deaths caused by auto accidents, not including death by sickness or for any other reason. At the Payer Law we are committed to stopping texting and driving. If no one texted while they were driving, there would be a lot less deaths. Although texting is one of the leading causes of accidents, there are other reasons someone may die from a vehicle wreck. There were almost 10,000 people that die being involved in an accident where one or more parties were under the influence. Also, accidents can occur from stopping short, running a light, and other factors.

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An auto accident attorney Orlando residents trust pleads to stop texting and driving or driving under the influence. There are so many accidents that result in death that could have been prevented by something as simple as putting your phone down. You can save a life by taking a taxi instead if driving home. A taxi will cost a lot less than having to pay fines for a DUI. For more information about auto accident deaths contact the Payer Law today at 407-307-2979 and you can also visit our website at

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