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3 Reasons to Refuse a Quick Personal Injury Settlement

personal injury settlement in orlando

If you’ve been injured in any sort of accident where you were not the at-fault party, there are many difficulties that follow. Accidents can take severe physical and mental tolls to the victim, and in the time immediately following an event such as a car accident, you may be extremely stressed, you haven’t taken a complete toll of your injuries, and your entire life is shifted out of its sense of normalcy. Shortly following an accident, considering a quick settlement offer is generally not in your best interest. Often, making a hasty decision on a quick personal injury settlement offer can cost you a lot of money and benefits. Payer Law is a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust. If you are looking at such a case, call Payer Law today for a free initial consultation!

Why You Shouldn’t Take the Easiest Offer

The quickest settlement that is offered is always the most beneficial for the at-fault party’s insurer. Shortly after an accident, the at-fault party’s insurer will typically reach out with an offer. In this case, their goal is to limit the amount that your claim will offer and preserve their bottom line. Injuries following a car accident often don’t take a full impact until months later, and insurers understand that. People typically only take into account their most pressing injuries and damages immediately after an accident, and if the insurer addresses these short-term needs, people tend to sign right away, as they want to avoid a long court battle. However, a clearer picture of the real damages that come through an auto accident  or other types of major accidents often don’t reveal themselves until months following the event.

The Personal Injury Settlement You Deserve

Typically, a fast settlement will circumvent important negotiation. It is in your best interest to make sure to have an experienced attorney like Payer Law, a personal injury attorney to negotiate the final settlement in your accident claim. Since the at-fault party’s insurer will always present a first offer that is on the lower end of the spectrum, you will need somebody more experienced in dealing with these kinds of settlements in order to not leave money on the table and receive the compensation for your injuries you deserve. Lastly, accepting a quick offer often means signing away your rights to further damages.These damages can include potential delayed symptoms and injuries that don’t show up until later in time which are costly and serious, such as soft-issue damages or brain injuries. It’s essential to not sign away your rights to injuries after a car accident unless you have had time to receive a full and complete medical evaluation in order to get a clear picture of the total damage caused.

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It’s important to not settle for the first offer following an accident so that you receive the personal injury settlement you deserve. Payer Law is a personal injury attorney Orlando residents trust. Call us today for a free initial consultation!

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