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Pedestrian Safety Tips For A Safe Halloween In Orlando


Halloween is a favorite time of year for both children and adults. Little ones get to dress up as their favorite ghouls or fantasy characters and get lots of treats, while grownups enjoy an array of parties, haunted houses, and scary movies.

Unfortunately, there is a very real fear at this time of year-pedestrian accidents. These can have major impacts on your own health or on those you love. Our Orlando pedestrian accident attorney shares some Halloween safety tips.

Keeping Little Trick-Or-Treaters Safe Over Halloween

There are numerous Halloween events in Orlando that are catered to parents and their children. From trick-or-treating in local neighborhoods to attending amusement park gatherings, whichever you choose, make safety your top priority.

According to, Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for children in terms of pedestrian accidents. These can result in serious, potentially disabling personal injuries. To protect little ghosts and goblins, follow these safety tips:

  • Be careful when selecting costumes: Avoid anything that drags on the floor or is otherwise cumbersome for walking.
  • Use caution with masks: Makeup is generally a safer bet and less likely to impact vision, but make sure to do a skin test first prior to applying.
  • Wear sensible shoes: This is particularly important while out trick-or-treating.
  • Increase visibility: Incorporate glow sticks, flashlights, and reflective strips into your child’s costume.
  • Pick a safe route: If trick or treating in neighborhoods, pick those that are well lit, not on major roadways, and have sidewalks.
  • Supervise young children: Little trick-or-treaters should also be supervised by parents or another adult. Avoid giving older siblings too much responsibility or ruining their fun by having to watch younger brothers and sisters.

Protecting Yourself Against Halloween Pedestrian Accidents

Children are not the only ones that face increased risks at Halloween. Adults are just as likely to find themselves in situations that put them in danger of pedestrian accidents in Orlando as well. To protect yourself and prevent potentially serious personal injuries, follow these tips:

  • When attending fall markets, hay rides, haunted houses, or other events, use extreme caution when walking through parking lots.
  • If taking your children trick-or-treating, be especially mindful of intersections and driveways in the neighborhood.
  • If going to an adult Halloween party, avoid having too much to drink. If you overindulge, use ridesharing or have a friend take you home, rather than attempting to walk.

It is also worth stating that if you are hosting a party or other adult Halloween event, avoid overserving your guests. You could be held liable if a pedestrian accident happens.

Contact Our Orlando Pedestrian Accident Attorney To Request A Consultation

Pedestrian accidents are common at Halloween and can cause serious personal injuries for both adults and children. With over 30 years of experience, Payer Law helps victims and their families get the compensation they need to recover. Call or contact our Orlando pedestrian accident attorney online to request a consultation today.


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