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Pedestrian Accidents Due To Construction Site Debris

Payer Law pedestrian accident attorney

Imagine you are downtown on a Friday night and there is tons of construction. You are out with your friends having a great time and it is becoming late so you leave and all of a sudden, you are walking down the street and you fall into construction site work because the workers neglected to put up caution tape. What do you do? Well the first thing you want to do is make sure you are okay and call for medical attention if it is necessary. If you are severely injured, you need to be taken to the hospital right away. After you have been seen by a doctor and begin the healing process, you will need to call our pedestrian accident attorney at Payer Law in Orlando. Falling at a construction site is a personal injury and you must talk with our personal injury attorney Orlando pedestrians trust to review your case.

Pedestrian Accidents Caused By Construction

Everyone is familiar with the orange cones and barrels that indicate a construction zone. When you are walking, they act like a warning sign to notify you that there is construction ahead and the same applies to drivers. This allows you to prepare ahead of time and be extra cautious around that area, but what happens when construction workers forget to put up these cones and barrels and you end up becoming injured? There are a number of construction mistakes that can cause falling debris which in turn can cause your injury. Our personal injury attorney Orlando clients rely on discusses common examples of falling debris accidents:

  • Insufficient barricades- Anyone close enough to a construction site to be within range of falling debris should be very careful. Pedestrians should not walk on construction sites but if they do by accident because there are no barricades, there is a higher risk of injury.
  • Insufficient signage- when all access points to construction sites are not accompanied by clear signs informing people of the construction, pedestrians may not realize they are in possible danger because of the risk of objects falling.
  • Failing to inspect equipment- Debris can fall when the hooks, cords, and other devices that are used to secure objects to cranes, hoist and the other objects become weak and old. Before any devices are used on the site, they should be inspected for wear and tear and any object that shows flaws, needs to be replaced.

Preventing These Accidents

Our pedestrian accident attorney urges you to always pay attention when you are walking. Do not be texting and walking, especially if you are walking near a construction site. If you do happen to come up close to a construction site, avoid having to walk through it if you can. If you do happen to become injured, you have every right to sue the construction company for not providing the correct safety regulations such as proper barricades and clear signs.

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If you are injured due to the negligence of a construction company, you need to talk with our pedestrian accident attorney today who can help you file a claim. When you are suffering due to the failure of the construction company’s safety regulations, call our personal injury attorney Orlando clients depend on at Payer Law! You can call us at 407-307-2979 or visit our website!

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